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 Illustrations by George Adamson published in the Countryman from 1962 to 1974
Mothballs by Meston Batchelor: 1) Mothballs with squirming grass-snake and author as schoolboy with bicycle; 2) View of Mothballs’ study with microscope under green baize cloth; 3) Mothballs at school museum at time of visit of minor royalty Vol. 59, no 3, pp. 470, 473, 475 Autumn 1962 3 half pages line, first signed, other signed a
A Feud on the Farm by F.F. Nicholls: 1) ‘There was nothing whatever traditional about Bert’s appearance’ (cowman with fork, cow in background); 2) Bert out ferreting; 3) ‘Arthur spoke to me: ‘ Fred, ast ’im ’ow much straw ’e want’ ’ (portrait of the waggoner with horse and cart in background Vol 60, no. 1, pp. 101, 102, 104 Spring 1963 1/2 page, small, 1/2 page line, first signed, others signed a
IS THIS YOU? ‘... I invited George Adamson to send us his impression of the typical ‘Countryman’ reader ...’ (imaginary portrait of a pipe-smoking moustachioed gentleman with dogs by kitchen range) Vol. 60, no 2, p. 288 Summer 1963 full page pen & wash, signed
A Cornish Bay by Diana Hopkinson: 1) St Meryn feast (a midsummer celebration); 2) children playing shop among rocks on sea shore with sign reading ‘Bargain Basement’; 3) Squire Old, bearded and behatted, with knobkerry stick; 4) decorative tailpiece of sheep’s skull on shore Vol. 67, no. 1, pp. 122, 124, 126, 127 Autumn 1966 1/2 page x 2, 1/4 page and tailpiece line, all signed a
Lightly They Frolic by Cromwell Fleetwood: 1) ‘He stuck to his guns.’ (man between two cars); ‘A disconsolate little group watched me make contact with the law.’ (in clearing with larch log felled by tree rustlers for maypole) Vol. 68, no. 1, pp. 18 & 21 Spring 1967 1/3 page and 1/2 page?? line, unsigned and signed?
A Farmer’s Boy by Frank Wensby: 1) ‘Clearing letter-boxes in the dark in such weather was no joke’ (mail cart with horse); 2) ‘In sole charge of the ploughing’ (two horses pulling plough) Vol. 68, no. 2, pp. 351 & 354 Summer 1967 1/3 page and 1/2 page line, signed, first with a only
Devon Red by Harold Sumption: 1) Arthur Sheldon in pulpit; 2) Reverend Lambert Baxter, vicar, with teacup, spectacles and wispy hair; 3) Edwina from Kensington with her flowery hat and bicycle Vol. 72, no. 2, pp. 234, 235 , 237 Summer 1969 two smalls and 1/2 page line, last signed and first two signed a only
Some Fine Old Business by Charles Rowness: 1) Brown gelding and grey colt (horses under tree); 2) ‘My lad will catch him’ (colt bucking and the boy Teni) Vol. 74, no. 1, pp. 43 & 45 Spring 1970 two 1/2 pages line, first only signed
Over the Counter by Ted Mills: ‘a grubby pencilled note’ (urchin boy in chemist's shop before the Great War) Vol. 76, no. 1, p. 177 Spring 1971 2/3 page pen & wash, signed
To Market, to Market by E. G. Nichol: 1) Cheshire cheeses at stall in Market Hall, Chester, with cheese factor; 2) 1922 Buick with canvas hood Vol. 76, no. 3, p. 77 & 80 Autumn 1971 1/2 and 1/3 page first line, signed, second line and tone signed a
Village hall play (actors on stage with hobby-horse and rider romping through auditorium) Vol. 79, no. 4 Winter 1974/5 cover pen & wash signed

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