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Cartoons by George Adamson published from 1973 to 1981 in Courier (Post Office)
... Bristol Postal Area (Robinson Crusoe discovers directory on beach, shipwreck in middle distance) p. 2 June 1973 small line & signed
A 21st birthday cake being delivered to no. 21 p. 6 Feb. 1974 small line & signed
‘Pardon--that’s for next door’s dog’: postman taking bone out of postbag. p. 8/9? May 1974 small line & signed
‘Mama, may I start to collect stamps?’ (calendar at May 6, 1840) p. 11 May 1974 small line & signed
‘Please ...’ (postman opening pillar box, many hands with letters) p. 8 Sept. 1974 small line & signed
Postman about to open pillar box that is so full that the top is up p. 6 Feb. 1975 small line & signed
‘Modern’ man with period phone/Edwardian man with modern device p. 6 April 1975 small line & signed
Two pigeons, one with a postman’s badge p. 6 May 1975 small line & signed
Giro counter in Post Office with dancers in queue p. 6 June 1975 small line & signed
‘Keep running---It’s first class’ (bull who has knocked over postwoman has letter) p. 6 July 1975 small line & signed
‘Go on. It’s registered. I’ll wait here’ (postman persuading small dog to deliver letter to house with Beware of dog sign) p. 4 Jan. 1976 small line & signed
All this for 6 1/2 p (postman chased by bull) (‘Cartoon by Adamson from an idea by S. Carter’) p. 6 April 1976 small line & signed
Birds in post box p. 4 May 1976 small line & signed
Guard Dogs’ training centre (postman in protective gear on motorbike) p. 6 May 1976??? small line & signed
Two cats watch telegraph engineer p. 4 June 1976 small line & signed
Postman with tape recorder ‘Good morning. A new service, sir.’ (Click) ‘... and a happy birthday from Aunty Bee, Uncle Phil and the kids’ (Click) p. 4 Aug. 1976 small line & signed
Postman emptying box in scorching heat, an open can by the box p. 4 Sept. 1976 small line & signed
Ducks deliver letters in flood p. 4 Nov. 1976 small line & signed
Postman walking through mud brings obvious rubber boot parcel p. 6 Jan. 1977 small line & signed
Postmen with sodden mailing tube p. ? Feb. 1977 small line & signed
Beware of the increased dog; notice on garden gate p. 6 Mar. 1977 small line & signed
Postbox in postbox in ... &c. with postman with box key stretched out on ground p. 6 April 1977 small line & signed
Italianate postman/monkey on roof of covered hand cart p. 6 May 1977 small line & signed
‘Judy, Judee where are you?’ Punchlike man in workman’s striped tent over hole p. 6 June 1977 small line & signed
‘Express!’ Postman on airplane wing delivering letter to hostess p. 6 July 1977 small line & signed
PC takes postwoman past dog pounds p. 6 Aug. 1977 small line & signed
Card trick with letters held like a concertina by postwoman p. 6 Sept. 1977 small line & signed
‘I want Master Cutt the butcher’s son, Miss Freeze the grocer’s daughter, Mrs Drug the chemist’s wife and Mr Chrust the baker.’ (four postal workers in sorting office) p. 6 Oct. 1977 small line & signed
‘One from Spain, one from Austria---one from London’ p. 2 Nov. 1977 small line & signed
‘... when a poor man came in sight’ (postman in heavy snowstorm) p. 6 Dec. 1977 small line & signed
‘Can you tell me where we are, postman?’ (folk in boat in flooded street) p. 6 Feb. 1978 small line & signed
Gypsy caravan/love letter being delivered p. 6 Mar. 1978 small line & signed
Bin lid as shield against dog anticipated behind Beware of Dog notice p. 6 April 1978 small line & signed
‘Right there, Jock’ (telegraph pole being handled like a caber) p. 6 May 1978 small line & signed
Recorded delivery at zoo office, gorilla at door p. 6 June 1978 small line & signed
‘Morning ma-a-am’ (postman seated outside who has woken up the lady of the house) p. 12 July 1978 small line & signed
‘I keep telling you, start your turn before you put the letter in the box.’ (time and motion man to postman) p. 6 Aug. 1978 small line & signed
‘Your brother and tribe are coming for the weekend, so you’ll need this quick recipe’ p. 6 Oct. 1978 small line & signed
‘Yes dear, I know I’m early.’ (postwoman arriving with golfclubs) p. 6 Nov. 1978 small line & signed
‘Phyllis!! I told you not to ring me at work(worker at junction box) p. ? May 1979 small line & signed
Snarling dog on chain with a collar medal reading ‘I love postmen’ p. ? June 1979 small line & signed
Man up telegraph pole being pestered by ‘Buzbies’ p. 11 October 1979 small line & signed

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