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 Illustrations by George Adamson published in Harpers & Queen
1) To be an English man is a matter of infinite subtlety by Magnus Carter; 2) Being an English woman is a full time occupation by B. Feater (man striding forth with Union Jack waistcoat and bowler, castle in background, woman sitting like Britannia but wearing sunglasses and with two children squealing behind, and arrows in the air pp. 84 & 85 July 1971 two drawings just under 1/2 page each line and tone, first signed
Travel by Rene Cler: Forget that plane to New York. Spend five glorious days crossing the Atlantic in a luxury hotel, urges Rene Cler (The SS France as a whale with tricolor, French chef and cornucopia) p. 38 July 1972 just under 1/2 page each pen & wash, signed
Something Old, Something New, Something Torrid and Something Blue (eroticism in literature, film, theatre, etc., Leonardo da Vinci’s man now a woman upside down in a state of collapse, surrealistic use of symbols, eg from Buñuel’s Belle de Jour) pp. 128-9 December 1972 double page spread across bottom third of spread pen & wash, signed
xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxe drawings pen & wash, signed

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