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Thanks to his rigorous training as an illustrator, Adamson received many commissions from magazines and newspapers. Although he began contributing to Punch as a cartoonist, he ended up doing mostly more serious illustration work for the magazine. And the masterly handling of colour and form in his later Punch covers betrays a strong illustrative instinct.

The Nursing Times set him challenging tasks such as illustrating the St. Vitus Dance, or Meniere’s Disease. Adamson’s response was always graphically strong and sympathetically tender and understanding.

Much like George du Maurier, Adamson might be accused of devoting too many of his talents to producing so much lighthearted ephemeral work. Yet much of his humorous work is of enduring quality and ranks alongside his more serious illustration work as a significant contribution to British illustration in the twentieth century.

Here is as full a list as we could muster of illustration work Adamson has done for periodicals.


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