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 Illustrations by George Adamson published in the Listener from 1959 to 1980
My Dear Puss by Doucha Boyd (two cat drawings) Vol. LXI, no. 1556, p. 174 22/01/1959 two smalls line, one signed
‘Oui, Madame, mais ...’ by Darrell Bates (inside Russian Orthodox church in Paris) Vol. LXII, no. 1586, p. 285 20/08/1959 small line
The Cobra and the Porridge by Charles Roberts (boy on verandah feeding snake with porridge) Vol. LXII, no. 1597, p. 766 05/11/1959 small line and zipatone, signed
A Dream of Christmas by Luigi Pirandello, page decorations of an angel, repeated in reverse Vol. LXIV, no. 1656, p. 1151 22/12/1960 small line, unsigned
Tolstoy Seen through the Eyes of a Child by Count Alexis Bobrinskoy (boy in drawing-room with Tolstoy and other guests) Vol. LXV, no. 1658, p. 33 05/01/1961 small pen & wash, signed
When Rooks Disagree (rook dressed up with glasses and cane pointing to diagram of tree marked ‘proposed housing’. Vol. LXV, no. 1670, p. 558 30/03/1961 small line and zipatone, signed
Ghosts I Have Met by M. P. Dare (ghosts of monks walking in line through ruined abbey) Vol. LXVI, no. 1695, p. 430 02/09/1961 1/3 page pen & wash, first signed a, second signed
Score Twice for Cheyne Walk by Angus McGill: 1) Man in tweeds on phone in office on Friday; 2) Girl with books and Great Dane Vol. LXVI, no. 1704, pp. 864/5 23/11/1961 two smalls line and zipatone, signed
Full Circle by W. R. Rodgers; hare in wintry field in County Armagh Vol. LXVII, no. 1732, p. 925 07/06/1962 small line, signed
The Disappearing Dairy by Winefride Wilson; view of dairy with pot swan, eggs and cheese Vol. LXIX, no. 1773, p. 490 21/03/1963 small line, signed
A Don Goes Racing by A. N. Sherwin-White; scene at racing paddock drawn in Degas style Vol. LXX, no. 1791, p. 129 25/07/1963 1/3 page line and tone, signed
A dog’s life by Matthew Arnold Thompson (two dogs) Vol. LXXI, no. 1816, p. 119 16/01/1964 two smalls line, first signed, second signed a only
A Pair of Penguins by Darrell Bates Vol. LXXII, no. 1845, p. 201 06/08/1964 two smalls pen & wash, first signed, second signed a only
‘Crisis’ in Cricket by A. C. H. Smith; batsman Vol. LXXIII, no. 1885, p. 710 13/05/1965 small line, signed a
A question of sixty goats by Darrell Bates; two blackmen, one an elder Vol. LXXIV, no. 1900, p. 312 26/08/1965 small line, signed/TD>
A walk through the fire by A. D. Smith; turbanned man and author walking through fire in a circus-like act at a sapper camp at Bergampet, Hyderabad State Vol. LXXVI, no. 1948, p. 130 28/07/1966 small line, signed
A man of property by Darrell Bates (elderly turbanned man of the hills of Africa with a young wife) Vol. LXXVII, no. 1984, p. 462 06/04/1967 small line, signed
Summer Books (Bees around books as blooming flowers in the sun) Vol. 93, no. 2409, p. 735? 05/06/1975 1/3 page line, signed
Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë---an imaginary conversation by Patricia Beer (double portrait of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë) Vol. 94, no. 2417, p. 144, heads repeated as decoration on next page 31/07/1975 1/3 page line, signed
More Christmas Books (a snowman reading) Vol. 94, no. 2435, p. 747 04/12/1975 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Remember your grammar by Simon Raven (in a Venetian graveyard) Vol. 94, no. 2438, pp. 864 & 5 25/12/75//01/01/76 two smalls line, signed, first with only an a
Secret nests of County Derry by Seamus Heaney, from a series on childhoood landscapes (Irish country scene with cow, hills and windblown grasses) Vol. 98, no. 2524, p. 265 01/09/1977 small line, signed
The Wexford Festival by Bernard Levin: ‘John Angelo Messana in ‘the immense and appallingly difficult’ role of Orlando’ (a portrait of John Angelo Messana) Vol. 104, no. 2687, p. 651 13/11/1980 1/9 page line, signed

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