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George Worsley Adamson (born 1913)
Flying by the Sun
Cover for New Scientist, July 13, 1978

 Illustrations by George Adamson published in miscellaneous periodicals
Doing the clinics: hospital office, staff pulling out patients’ files British Hospital and Social Service Journal
October 9, 1964, p. 1451 1/4 page line, signed
Statutory admission: bespectacled doctor with patient in waistcoat, rest of family looking on British Hospital and Social Service Journal
November ? 30, 1964, p. 1719 1/4 page line, signed
Sick Cyclamen: elegant young woman on phone and health visitor tending a potted cyclamen British Hospital and Social Service Journal
December 18, 1964, p. 1835 1/2 page pen & wash, signed
Little Devils by John Stroud: ‘... and she heavily climbed on a chair to fix another wreath of holly over the front door.’lady (Mrs Profitt) on chair putting up Christmas wreath at orphanage. British Hospital Journal and Social Service Review
Vol. LXXVI, no. 4001, December 1966, p. 2443 1/4 page line, signed
A Home of One’s Own by Jack Faircloth; ‘stretching his arm through the small transom window’ (Sid breaking into the hostel where he believed his wife and children were still staying). British Hospital Journal and Social Service Review Vol. LXXVI, no. 4001, December 1966, p. 2445 1/2 page pen & wash
Ted Hughes: Meet My Folks! (specially commissioned opening illustration and reuse of My Sister Jane, My Uncle Dan, My Father from the book) Cricket
Vol. 1, no. 8, pp. 31, 32, 34, 36
April 1974 1/2 , 2 full pages, 1/2 line, first with green ground added
The Planet We Go to See (illustrated short story by George Adamson) Cricket
Vol. 2, no. 11, pp. 4-12
July 1975 9 full pages pen & wash, signed
The Jar (Luigi Pirandello’s short story translated and retold by Peggy Adamson with illustration by George Adamson) Cricket
Vol. 4, no. 2, pp. ??
Oct. 1976 signed
Memories of the festive season in a cottage hospital of 1902 from ‘Light and Shadows in a Hospital’ by Alice Terton, first published in 1902 Health and Social Service Journal
Vol. LXXX No. 4724, p. 1621
19 & 26/12/1980 1/2 page line and tone, signed
Atlantic Ferry: Navigating by the Stars, Miles above the Sea
Drawing 1: The Navigator Opens the Hatch and Plots His Course to Britain with Stars and Sextant
Drawing 2: The Ever-Alert Wireless Operator Takes a Message for the Pilot from the Observer
Illustrated London News
pp. 716-717
26/12/1942 2 full page drawings pen & wash, signed
The Wrong Voice: a whodunit by Gilbert Adair, the master of pastiche (in converted Cotswold vicarage, a Major Trout (a guest at the hotel) lies on the carpet by desk having been poisoned) The Independent
no. 68, p. 21
24/12/1986 large line, signed
The Wrong Voice: a whodunit by Gilbert Adair (2): ‘So you see the murderer can only be Prunot’ (Prunot in DJ, with his twin brother in military gear at Flanders in the background) The Independent
no. 81, p. 15
12/01/1987 small line and tone, signed
Flying by the Sun (Giant airship heading towards sun, flying over Arab with camel, Australian and Spaniard on terra firma) New Scientist
Vol. 79, no. 1111
13/07/1978 cover line and single colour, signed
Kitchen special: The joys of a sink slave by Paul Jennings (1: Paul Jennings at kitchen sink with heaps of pans and crockery, Kenwood mixer and Bendix; 2: French customs man inspecting a range of cleaning products) Observer Magazine
p. 44
15/05/1966 both small both pen & wash, signed
How the Jews set the world alight by Colin Cross. The Roman Empire in AD1 (a map) Observer Magazine
pp. 12-13
13/11/1966 dps 4C, unsigned but credited
As others see us: nurse smoking with her feet up in works surgery; smoke reads: ‘Sweet silence’ Occupational Health
Vol. 31, no. 2, cover
01/02/1979 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
How others see us: man in glasses on factory floor Occupational Health
Vol. 31, no. 6, cover
01/06/1979 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Professor Branestawm goes cuckoo by Norman Hunter; 1) anthropomorphic birds in header illustration with a learned bird saying cuckoo in Greek); 2) Professor Branestawm with a microphone and a broken cuckoo clock Puffin Annual 1974, pp. 56 & 61 both 1/3 page line, first signed a
Grimrod’s milk hunt Puffin Annual 1975, p. 13 full page line and tone, signed
Professor Branestawm’s Christmas Tree by Norman Hunter: 1) Title illustration showing Colonel Dedshott and Professor Branestawm amid Christmas decorations; 2) ‘A policeman held up his hand ... and was given a piece of paving stone ...’ Puffin Post Vol. 3, no. 4, 1969, pp. 5 & 7 (story also published in The Peculiar Triumph of Professor Branestawm, with second illustration on p. 108, Red Fox Classics, 2003) 1/4 page & 1/6 page line, signed, second with a only
Mrs Flittersnoop’s Birthday Present by Norman Hunter: Professor Branestawm handing over the parcel to Mrs F. Puffin Post Vol. 6, no. 1, 1972, p. 14, 01/01/1972 1/2 page line, signed
Maddened by Mystery: The Defective Detective by Stephen Leacock: 1) Prime Minister disguised with a hearth rug; 2) The prince of Wurttemberg, dachshund wrapped in coat Puffin Post Vol. 6, no. 2, 1972, pp. 12 & 15 half page and 1/8 page line, signed, first with a only
‘Thé Dansant’, starring Elsie Carlisle and Leslie Bridgmont et al. (drawing of couples dancing at the Pump Room, Bath) Radio Times
Vol. 83, no 1074, 1944, p. 14, 28/04/1944 small line and signed
‘Blue Nose’ a strange tale of the Arctic by Flying Officer David N. Bungey (two flying crew members just off their airplane walking past man cooking fish over fire) Radio Times
Children’s Hour
Vol. 83, no 1081, 1944, p. 12, 16/06/1944 small line and signed
Pull-out supplement Network Three: 1) Basket of symbols; 2) Banner decoration across double spread: There is Something for Everyone in Network Three; 3) For Parents: pram and satchel; 4) For Chess Players: knight; 5) For Householders: latchkey; 6) For Motorists: road sign; 7) For Sportsmen: Yacht and balls; 8) For Book Lovers: volume on stand; 9) For Collectors: figurine and cabinet; 10) Archaeology: amphora; 11) Science: microscope; 12) ‘Christian Outlook’: cross and holy book; 13) Film & Theatre: billboard Radio Times
pull-out supplement
17/10/1958 small decorations line and zipatone, only Film & Theatre signed a
Tale of a stewardess by Roz Hanby
1) Nothing could ever explain the way one feels after a nine-hour flight to Anchorage; 2) ‘I flew with one steward ... who dressed up as Santa Claus’; 3) ‘An ordinary day’s work could often involve looking after the most extraordinary people’
Rolls-Royce Magazine March 1985 small line on acetate with colour on gesso’ed board, signed a only, third signed
Stand & Deliver, a Welsh folktale retold Young Elizabethan Vol. 10, no. 12, p. 27 Dec. 1957 1/3 page line, signed
George Bernard Shaw
portrait illustration for announcement of production of Heartbreak House by the Wigan and District Mining and Technical College
Wigan Observer c. 1933 small pen and India ink, unsigned

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