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‘[Drawn] with sympathy, humour or grave seriousness,’ is how George Adamson described the many illustrations he did for the Nursing Times.

He experimented with a whole range of styles in his drawings for the magazine, often opting for something reminiscent of Eric Fraser’s work in the symbolic depiction of illnesses.

In 1983 the design of the magazine changed radically and Adamson’s twenty years of contributions came to an end.

 Illustrations by George Adamson published between 1963 and 1983 in Nursing Times
Problems of Health Visiting -- 1 ‘Know then Thyself ...’ by Sonia Preece: ‘... the old lady leaned forward to detain me and laid a conspiratorial hand on my arm.’ (health visitor in bedroom of old couple, the husband in bed and the wife detaining the health visitor about to leave) Vol. 59, no. 1, p. 6 04/01/1963 1/3 page line and signed
Problems of Health Visiting -- 2 Dangerous Generalizations! by Sonia Preece: ‘Health visitors taking such a group must be prepared to hear a few home truths’ (discussion group of housewives with health visitor) Vol. 59, no. 2, p. 46 11/01/1963 1/3 page line, signed
Problems of Health Visiting -- 3 Problem to Whom? by Sonia Preece ‘Mary ... now aged two and not speaking at all ... looked pale and furtive. Mrs. A. put her down and she tried hard to bite the baby...’ (health visitor in background rising from armchair) Vol. 59, no. 3, p. 72 18/01/1963 1/3 page line, signed
Problems of Health Visiting -- 4 A Day in the Life of... by Sonia Preece ‘Judith is plump and downy sleeping under the apple tree ...’ (mother and health visitor in background, pram with sun shade under tree) Vol. 59, no. 4, p. 110 25/01/1963 1/3 page line, signed
Letters from a seconded student by David Boorer -- 1 Surgical Ward: ‘The pomp and ceremony surrounding a consultant has to be seen to be believed’ (doctors and nurses in ward around patient in bed) Vol. 59, no. 10, p. 287 08/03/1963 1/3 page line, signed
Letters from a seconded student by David Boorer -- 2 Medical Ward: ‘With a flourish I pulled the curtain back and watched with horror as it fell ...’ (in ward with unperturbed man reading in bed) Vol. 59, no. 11, p. 332 15/03/1963 1/3 page line, signed
Letters from a seconded student by David Boorer -- 3 Casualty: ‘Believe me, it’s quite an ordeal for all concerned, putting stitches into some minute child with lungs of brass.’ Vol. 59, no. 12, p. 357 22/03/1963 1/3 page line, signed
Letters from a seconded student by David Boorer -- 4 Theatre: ‘ ... I was wondering if we’d all joined some fantastic hygiene cult.’ (washing up after an operation in a state of organized chaos) Vol. 59, no. 13, p. 395 29/03/1963 1/3 page line, signed
The Reilly Family by Clare France ‘... a rather shamefaced, black-eyed Mr. and Mrs. Reilly staggered forward and pushed their way through the amazed group ...’ (couple caught fighting in Edinburgh cellar) Vol. 59, no. 22, p. 677 31/05/1963 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Tracheostomy in a Blind Patient by G. M. Sibley ‘Suction was required fairly frequently to the tracheostomy tube. Mrs. B. disliked this intensely and implored us with her hands and facial expressions to stop.’ (nurse tending blind old lady in bed) Vol. 60, no. 4, p. 110 24/01/1964 1/4 page line & tone, signed, against tinted background
Case Conference: 1) The Long Road Back by Susan E. A. Ansell. A young man sustains a severe head injury in a motor-cycle accident and takes a long time to recover (man flying through air with his motor-cycle in the background) Vol. 60, no. 10, p. 305 06/03/1964 1/4 page line, signed
Case Conference conducted at The General Infirmary at Leeds: Ulcerative Colitis: ‘... Peter was small for his 12 years’ (nurse with boy in dressing gown) Vol. 60, no. 14, p. 440 03/04/1964 1/4 page line & tone, unsigned
The Registrar of Births and Deaths by Nancy Wilkins. Middle aged couple giving notice at the registrar’s office Vol. 60, no. 37, p. 1183 11/09/1964 1/4 page line, signed
The Powers and Duties of a Coroner by Nancy Wilkins. Nurse in cloak before coroner, with jury behind Vol. 60, no. 38, p. 1223 18/09/1964 1/4 page line, signed
Menière’s disease [Meniere’s disease] by John Groves. ‘Usually he feels as though his surroundings are whirling violently around him ...’ (old man clutching chair in a fit of dizziness) Vol. 60, no. 50, p. 1627 11/12/1964 1/4 page line, signed
Mr Baird’s Wife by M. C. Tinsley. Private nurse in uniform before hearth and mantelmirror reflecting room; wraith coming in through open door Vol. 60, no. 52, p. 1714 25/12/1964 1/3 page line, signed
Sonne Dysentry: a childhood problem by Wilfrid H. Parry, children in school playground, with three on a bench in foreground Vol. 61, no. 2, p. 50 08/01/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Stigma Attached by Rosemary Taylor: ‘The nurse who has had mental illness is subject to many difficulties that become obvious as soon as she applies for new employment.’ (nurse in best coat and hat in interviewee’s chair) Vol. 61, no. 9, p. 279 26/02/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Sydenham’s Chorea or St. Vitus’ Dance by J. L. Greaves (schoolgirl shaking and writhing) Vol. 61, no. 27, p. 894 02/07/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Karen, the other side of the picture by a student nurse (child with doll in cot in ward at night) Vol. 61, no. 38, p. 1264 13/08/1965 1/3 page line, signed
Arytenoidectomy by Constance Cheyne: ‘Mrs Phillips found it very difficult to make herself heard.’ (old lady in chair in waiting room) Vol. 61, no. 40, p. 1332 01/10/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Vulnerable Groups 1: Problem Families by Alexander D. G. Gunn (mother with cigarette and children in squalor by kitchen range) Vol. 61, no. 41, p. 1366 08/10/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Vulnerable Groups 2: by Alexander D. G. Gunn (old man in ‘his’ chair in old folks’ home) Vol. 61, no. 42, p. 1405 15/10/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Vulnerable Groups 3: The Adopted Child by Alexander D. G. Gunn (sad looking little girl with modern cradle behind her) Vol. 61, no. 43, p. 1445 22/10/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Vulnerable Groups 4: The Unmarried Mother by Alexander D. G. Gunn (pregnant woman seated wearing hat) Vol. 61, no. 44, p. 1485 29/10/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Vulnerable Groups 5: The Ill-housed by Alexander D. G. Gunn (a view of a squalid interior) Vol. 61, no. 45, p. 1511 05/11/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Vulnerable Groups 6: The Neglected Child by Alexander D. G. Gunn (boy without pyjama top in bedroom with three other children all abed) Vol. 61, no. 46, p. 1552 12/11/1965 1/4 page line, signed
Keep the Cotton Wool Handy by T. Cross ‘... Yes, that thing is a menace’’’ (TV in ward with cowboys coming out ot set at alarmed patients in bed) Vol. 61, no. 45, p. 1524 05/11/1965 1/2 page line, signed
Charlie’s Santa Claus by Mary L. Stollard (boy on hospital bed with Christmas tree in background) Vol. 61, no. 52, p. 1762 24/12/1965 1/3 page pen and wash, against tinted ground, signed
The Newcomers 1: Our Problems with Them by Alexander D. G. Gunn (Caribbean couple arriving well wrapped up with much luggage) Vol. 62, no. 14, p. 465 08/04/1966 1/4 page line and stencil brush, signed
The Newcomers 2: Their Problems with Us by Alexander D. G. Gunn (Pakistani with his shopping under brolly) Vol. 62, no. 15, p. 509 15/04/1966 1/4 page line and stencil brush, signed
The Newcomers 3: How They Help Us by Alexander D. G. Gunn (Asian doctor and black nurse at a hospital) Vol. 62, no. 16, p. 535 22/04/1966 1/4 page line and tone, signed
The Law 1: Introduction by Nancy Wilkins (Justice blindfold with scales on Law Courts, London) Vol. 62, no. 22, p. 737 03/06/1966 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
The Law 2: The Courts by Nancy Wilkins (bewigged judge leaving) Vol. 62, no. 23, p. 775 10/06/1966 1/4 page line, signed
The Law 3: Course of Trial by Nancy Wilkins: ‘If Bloggs decides to plead guilty, no jury will be necessary as their purpose is to find out whether a person is guilty or not guilty’ (man in suit in dock, police officer hidden away to one side) Vol. 62, no. 24, p. 806 17/06/1966 1/4 page line & tone, signed
The Law 4: The Trial by Nancy Wilkins: ‘The jury settle down in their seats and prepare to listen to Counsel for Prosecution, who will tell them the circumstances of the offence.’ (portrait of 12 jury members) Vol. 62, no. 25, p. 849 24/06/1966 1/4 page line, signed
The Law 5: The Juvenile Offender by Nancy Wilkins: ‘... up to maximum of 24 hours a week is spent in some useful duty like wood chopping, carpentry or physical training.’ (boy in apron with try square in carpenter’s shop) Vol. 62, no. 26, p. 885 01/07/1966 1/4 page line, signed
The Law 6: The Mentally Abnormal Offender by Nancy Wilkins: ‘... charged with stealing a green hat which she did not really want ...’ (woman in coat and hat in dock seen from behind) Vol. 62, no. 27, p. 913 08/07/1966 1/4 page line, signed
The Law 7: Legal Personnel by Nancy Wilkins (barrister waiting in Law Courts) Vol. 62, no. 28, p. 941 15/07/1966 1/4 page line & tone, signed
The Mental Health Act, 1959: Notes for Nurses by D. J. Bateman & H. G. Sackett: ‘If a patient is about to leave the hospital grounds can the nurse compel him to come back?’ Vol. 62, no. 29, p. 963 22/07/1966 1/4 page line, signed
The Mental Health Act, 1959: Notes for Nurses by D. J. Bateman & H. G. Sackett: ‘A patient is permitted to write to the Ministry of Health, any MP ...’ (lady wielding pen) Vol. 62, no. 30, p. 1010 29/07/1966 1/4 page line, signed
Adventures with ‘The Colonel’by Margaret E. Lowe (woman in wheelchair with handles to propel it) Vol. 62, no. 48, p. 1590 02/12/1966 1/3 page line, signed
Sonne Dysentry: a childhood problem by Wilfrid H. Parry (children in school playground, with three on a bench in foreground) Vol. 63, no. 10, p. 323 10/03/1967 1/4 page line and letraset tone, signed
Conflicts and Harmonies of Normal Stress 1: Traumatic Silence by Stephen Horsley: i) Three chimpanzees (seeing, hearing, speaking); ii) The futility of shamming death (hare in road about to be run over); iii) Duty to communicate: an obstruction, the signalman and a train (signal box and timbers on the track) Vol. 63, no. 25, pp. 816-817 23/06/1967 each 1/6 page 1) line, signed a: 2) pen & wash, signed; 3) line and signed
Conflicts and Harmonies of Normal Stress 3: Echoes of Neglected Stress by Stephen Horsley:
‘… vigorous efforts to communciate’ [with the doctor by means of a play relationship] (doctor holding baby in beret; mother looking on)
Vol. 63, no. 27, p. 898 07/07/1967 1/4 page line with stencil stippling and signed
Lives of Loneliness. The Medical-Social Problems of Divorce and Widowhood by Alexander D. G. Gunn (woman lying back, wearing a beret) Vol. 64, no. 12, p. 391 22/03/1968 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
Monoplegic Cerebral Palsy with Behaviour Disorder by Richard Byrt: the story of Alan, mentally subnormal and schizophrenic, and his gradual progress (Alan seated) Vol. 65, no. 15, p. 455 10/04/1969 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Acute Laryngo-tracheo Bronchitis in Children by Josephine M. Groves: ‘Kenny’s favourite position for sleeping’ Vol. 65, no. 24, p. 743 12/06/1969 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Margaret by Winifred White: ‘They ought to do something’ (old lady with bottle of sherry) Vol. 65, no. 26, p. 821 26/06/1969 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Acute Osteomyelitis of the Right Ankle by Jacqueline N. Tatuna: Peter: a nursing care study (eight-year-old boy on bench) Vol. 65, no. 31, p. 967 31/07/1969 2/3 page line and stippling, signed
Recurrent Pneumothoraces treated by Pleurectomy by Marlene H. Manning (portrait of George, song-writer with pop group) Vol. 65, no. 33, p. 1042 14/08/1969 1/4 page pen and wash, signed
Fractured Tibia and Femur in an Elderly Patient by Ann Pearson (Mrs Ada B., 85) Vol. 65, no. 36, p. 1133 04/09/1969 1/4 page pen and wash, unsigned
The rehabilitation of Mrs Maxwell by C. S. McLaren: ‘Mrs Maxwell was a large flabby unhealthy woman and had been chairbound for the past 10 years as a paraplegic’ In praise of the district nurse (fat lady) Vol. 65, no. 38, p. 1202 18/09/1969 1/4 page line on transparency, unsigned
A Patient with Suspected Prader-Willi Syndrome at a Mental Subnormality Hospital 2 by Richard Byrt (16-year-old boy) Vol. 65, no. 40, p. 1260 02/10/1969 ? page pen & wash, signed
The Meaning of Family Medicine by Leonard Beaumont (woebegone family of three generations in sitting room perhaps watching TV) Vol. 65, no. 44, p. 1383 30/10/1969 1/2 page line, signed
Rubella--a lighthearted case history (woman before mirror, in spotted dress but with spotted face in the mirror’s reflection) Vol. 65, no. 45, p. 1420 06/11/1969 1/2 page pen and wash, signed
George: a man with an inadequate personality by Colin A. Short (man seated biting his fingernail) Vol. 66, no. 8, p. 236 19/02/1970 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
Community care in Schizophrenia by J. D. Burrow (lad with his head in his hands) Vol. 66, no. 26, p. 805 25/06/1970 1/4 page charcoal, on tinted ground, signed
Three Nurses: A Profile by Monica Frost: Shona---A Ward Sister (seated on tartan blanket); Helen---A Number 7 (nurse standing); Noele---A Psychiatric Ward Sister (nurse seated with cup of coffee) Vol. 67, no. 25, pp. 767, 768, 769 24/06/1971 1/4, 1/3 & 1/3 page line, signed; pen & wash on tint, signed; charcoal on tint, signed
The Strong and the Weak by Rev. Kenneth M. Wolfe (reverend gentleman sitting on hospital bed after hernia operation) Vol. 67, no. 37, p. 1152 16/09/1971 1/2 page line, signed
Agitated Depression by Susan A. Banks: ‘… a totally different person’ (60 year-old lady with spectacles and handbag) Vol. 69, no. 39, p. 1251 27/09/1973 1/9 page line, signed
Nurse case study: Laura, recovery from an overdose by Anna Townsend (thin 68 year-old in hat) Vol. 69, no. 44, p. 1446 01/11/1973 1/6 page line and stencil brush. signed
James: nearer to independence by Clive Peters: ‘When praised he would laugh and throw back his head, turning it from side to side.’ Vol. 69, no. 46, p. 1529 15/11/1973 1/6 page pen & wash, signed
Tuberous sclerosis by Clive Peters: ‘Penny would seek attention by crying and banging her head on the floor’ (young girl, dramatic aerial view) Vol. 69, no. 47, p. 1604 29/11/1973 1/3 page line and stencil brush on tone, signed
Nursing Care Study: Polly -- mental deficiency and schizophrenia by E. Woolley: ‘Polly kept stripping herself and would insist on eating her food off the floor, so she could not be left with other patients without constant observation’ (scantily clad dark-haired woman in petticoat with drawers round her ankles) Vol. 69, no. 48, p. 1636 06/12/1973 1/6 page tinted background, charcoal?signed
Coping with geriatrics by F. T. Unwin: ‘… he was fond of signing scraps of paper’ (bespectacled, moustachioed old man in dressing gown and slippers) Vol. 69, no. 50, p. 1693 13/12/1973 1/2 page line and signed
An opportunity for married women by E. J. Davies (experimental scheme of part-time training in psychiatric nursing for married ladies) (woman at hospital entrance, ambulance in background behind trees) Vol 69, no. 50, p. 1697 13/12/1973 1/3 page line signed
The Night Round by Hilary M. Cronk (doctor in fancy dress as a Red Indian frightening Mr Dodds in bed, who thinks he has DT) Vol. 69, nos. 51/52, p. 1731 20 & 27/12/1973 1/4 page pen & wash, unsigned
Fulbourne Hospital: a patient’s view by Helen Crockett, patient lying down with Bert clutching her hand: ‘Voices penetrated the darkness and I felt my hand engulfed in Bert’s’ Vol. 70, no. 16, p. 603 18/04/1974 1/6 page line and tone, signed
Experimental studies in obesity by Rosemary A. Crow (fat man and rat tucking in) Vol. 70, no. 4, p. 103 24/01/1974 1/5 page line, signed
Sister Hegglebody gets the bird by Hilary M. Cronk (sister in her room like an Aladin’s cave, about to retire) Vol. 70, no. 6, p. 207 07/02/1974 1/3 page line, signed
Alice -- a case of schizophrenia by H. Johnson: ‘My knock was answered by Alice, who immediately said ‘Oh, hello Harry’ and invited me into the house’. (Psychiatric visitor at front door with patient) Vol. 70, no. 12, p. 421 21/03/1974 1/5 page line, signed
How relevant is the nurse? by K. J. Durrant & E. Christie: ‘Beyond the polite ‘hello’, comment is not encouraged’ (satircally depicted hospital management committee members being shown round by doctor) Vol. 70, no. 13, p. 480 28/03/1974 1/6 page pen and wash, signed
Don’t talk over their heads by Marianne Hartshorne (staff gathered round sickbed but instead of a patient just a pyjama top propped against pillow) Vol. 70, no. 16, p. 605 18/04/1974 1/6 page line and zipatone, signed
John---a drug addict by T. F. Lee (long-haired youth with dazed look) Vol. 70, no. 23, p. 859 06/06/1974 1/6 page line, signed
Goodbye Mr Manningtree by Florence Kidd: ‘Good afternoon, Miss, and thank you’ (scene at mortuary before pauper’s funeral) Vol. 70, no. 25, p. 966 20/06/1974 1/6 page line and zipatone, signed
Nurses are different by J. M. Heyward (nurse with dove, bees out of her mouth, theatrical masks) Vol. 70, no. 26, p. 1009 27/06/1974 1/6 page line and zipatone, signed
Jane---Coping with hysteria by David H. Nicholas Vol. 70, no. 27, p. 1024 04/07/1974 1/6 page line and tone, signed
Chronic Alcoholism by Kathleen M. Jackson (61-year-old man with dog suffering from alcoholism, and duodenal ulcer complicated by anaemia) Vol. 70, no. 29 p. 1104 18/07/1974 2/3 page charcoal, signed
Cardiac Unrest by John Mcleod: ‘… made straight for Mr Brown’s side room’ Vol. 70, no. 29, p. 1129 18/07/1974 1/6 page line, signed
Rooming-in by B. S. Cox: ‘Baby is now ready to feed.’ (mother in bed being handed baby) Vol. 70, no. 32, p. 1247 08/08/1974 half page line and tone, signed
Patients as people by E. C. Hoffard (smalls of long stay patients: 2 men 2 women: Alfred, Edgar, Lucy and Emma Vol. 70, no. 33, pp. 1283-5 15/08/1974 1/9 page each 4 line drawings, Lucy drawing signed
Nursing a tetraplegic patient at home by B. Footitt: ‘Maria, dressed and ready to go shopping.’ (Maria Jones in wheel chair) Vol. 70, no. 34, p. 1301 22/08/1974 2/3 page brush on textured board, signed
Lady of the Night by Donald M. Bowers: ‘… Sleep well, and I’ll look after whatever problems may arise.’: (night-duty nurse) Vol. 70, no. 34, p. 1325 22/08/1974 1/9 page pen & wash, signed
Pamela - a paranoid schizophrenic by P. Weeks (girl seated) Vol. 70, no. 36, p. 1389 05/09/1974 1/3 page line & tone brushwork
Nursing Care Study: Withdrawal by E. Stella Smith (43-year-old woman with arms in air, but who looks far older) Vol. 70, no. 42, p. 1626 17/10/1974 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Three generations---a health visitor’s study by Joyce Wiseman Vol. 70, no. 47, p. 1827 21/11/1974 1/5 page line, signed
On being a district nurse … family under stress by Pat Osborne (90 year old with 6 month old on her lap at family home) Vol. 70, no. 48, p. 1864 28/11/1974 1/3 page stencil brush and line on tinted ground
‘Off to casualty again’ by Janet Standen: Emma has just started playschool but so far life has been a chapter of accidents: ‘At every opportunity something awful happened to her’ (little girl in mid fall) Vol. 70, no. 49, p.1887 05/12/1974 1/3 page line, signed
James T a psychopath by John Orr (man sandwiched between police officer and psychiatrist) Vol. 70, no. 50, p. 1933 12/12/1974 1/3 page line & tone on tinted background
Ward Two’s Zoo by Hilary M. Cronk (1. man delivering big vase; 2. nurse delivering 3 bird cages for Christmas decoration) Vol. 70, no. 51, pp. 1986 & 1987 19 & 26/12/1974 1/9 page pen & wash, both signed, first with ‘a’ only
Sporting times by M. A. Hoy (surly footballer undoing his boots) Vol. 71, no. 1, p. 37 02/01/1975 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
The elderly dropout by Jane Yeadon (old man seated with candle on table) Vol. 71, no. 1, p. 39 02/01/1975 1/3 page pen & wash
Drama as therapy for the psychopathic personality by Bill Millin (girl with necklace dangling, acting) Vol. 71, no. 2, p. 7 09/01/1975 2/3 page line & tone, signed
Nursing Care Study: who will help him now? by Howard Witts (smiling old man seated with stick) Vol. 71, no. 2, p. 53 09/01/1975 1/3 page line, signed
Mary says she hasn’t got a brain by J. J. Fleming: ‘I’ll never die, I have no brain, I’ll live for ever and ever’ (53 year-old spinster) Vol. 71, no. 3, p. 95 16/01/1975 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Nursing Care Study: A gift from Karin by Elizabeth Evans (small girl being showered) Vol. 71, no. 4, p. 133 23/01/1975 1/3 page line, signed
Management courses---are they a waste of time? by Kenneth Westbrook (stylized picture of nurse surrounded by masks and shapes) Vol. 71, no. 5, p. 191 30/01/1975 1/3 each line and tone, signed
Schizophrenia (cover painting for series, depicting head) Vol. 71, no. 9, cover 27/02/1975 full page 4C, signed
Noise on the ward at night by Sarah Whitfield (fantasy vision of young nurse on big noisy tricycle) Vol. 71, no. 11, p. 409 13/03/1975 2/3 page pen & wash, signed
Schizophrenia -- 3 Delusions and hallucinations by Monica Frost (depiction of schizophrenia with earl’s coronet) Vol. 71, no. 11, p. 433 13/03/1975 1/3 page line & tone, signed
Schizophrenia -- 4 Aggression and natural isolates by Monica Frost (Mr J., pharmacist, paranoid, with bottles, test tubes) Vol. 71, no. 12, p. 475 20/03/1975 1/4 page line and black areas
A need for reassurance by Rowena Hall (1. Michael and Joan seated in casualty waiting room; 2. man in bed, nurse standing nearby, oxygen cylinder) Vol. 71, no. 13, pp. 495 & 496 27/03/1975 1/5 page each pen & wash, signed
Schizophrenia -- 6 Acute schizophrenia by Monica Frost (1. Man standing surrounded by distorted figures; 2. Girl with cat’s head) Vol. 71, no. 14, pp. 543 & 544 03/04/1975 1/4 page each line, signed, line & black, signed
A time of isolation by Anon (old lady in armchair in psychiatric hospital) Vol. 71, no. 15, p. 591 10/04/1975 1/3 page line, unsigned
Schizophrenia -- 8 From hospital to community by Monica Frost (stylized man with black silhousette of self) Vol. 71, no. 16, p. 624 17/04/1975 1/3 page line & black, signed
I’m going to die by Sarah Starr (very old lady lying in bed with arm raised) Vol. 71, no. 18, p. 707 01/05/1975 1/3 page line & tone, signed
The Diogenes syndrome (old woman living in squalor in Brighton, sitting before hearth) Vol. 71, no. 21, cover 22/05/1975 full page pen & wash & separation (or blue) for cover
Narcolepsy by J.D. Parkes (19th-century man asleep at stile) Vol. 71, no. 23, p. 883 05/06/1975 1/3 page line & tone, signed ‘a’
The triple duty district nursing sister by Elizabeth A. Stickle (health visiting, district nursing, midwifery, shown in drawing as three nurses in one) Vol. 71, no. 23, p. 901 05/06/1975 1/3 page line & signed
Pain in haemorrhoid repair by A. Walsh Low: ‘I’m damned if I’ll let them touch me now’ (Navy surgeon put off by the recovery process of dealing with haemorrhoids) Vol. 71, no. 24, p. 931 12/06/1975 1/4 page line & tone.signed
Nursing case study: Keith -- a treatment problem by Kevin Moreton (1. 27 year old, tall man---depressed;
2. Keith standing with back turned)
Vol. 71, no. 28, pp. 1097 & 1099 10/07/1975 1/9 each line on transparency, second signed ‘a’ only
My elderly lady by Gloria Mullan (1. Whitewashed cottage in Scotland; 2. Bridget seen through window) Vol. 71, no. 29, pp. 1139 & 1140 17/07/1975 both 1/3 page black on painted board, first signed ‘a’ only
Mastectomy -- a patient’s point of view by Jennifer M. Roberts (profile, almost silhouette of woman after mastectomy for carcinoma of breast) Vol. 71, no. 33, p. 1291 14/08/1975 1/3 page line & tone, signed
Nursing case study: A psychopathic personality by Sooh Fun Loh (Helen with two pigeons) Vol. 71, no. 36, p. 1407 04/09/1975 1/3 page line, tone. signed
Parents & Relatives by Jessie Parfit (rather hippie young couple both with glasses) Vol. 71, no. 38, p. 1513 18/09/1975 1/3 page tone & line ? on board, signed
Depression by Susan Bishop (Mrs D, smiling 73-year-old woman) Vol. 71, no. 40, p. 1568 02/10/1975 1/3 page painting in greys on board? signed
No bed for the night by Mavis Leonard (old tramp standing with hat on) Vol. 71, no. 40, p. 1595 02/10/1975 3/4 page line & stencil brush, signed
Return to the fold? by D. G. Hughes (nurse seated reading newspaper) Vol. 71, no. 40, p. 1597 02/10/1975 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
An approach to psychiatric nursing by Richard Bleazard (1. woman on bed; 2. standing man, former entertainer; 3. youngish observer type; 4. Mrs C with shopping seen from behind) Vol. 71, no. 42, pp. 1654, 1655 & 1656 16/10/1975 1/9 page each first and fourth line, second tone and third line and tone: all signed ‘a’ bar third fully signed
Post natal toxaemia by Agnes Walsh Low (young woman in surgery, with pram handle on left) Vol. 71, no. 42, p. 1672 16/10/1975 1/4 page line, signed
Nursing a blind patient by Jenefer Perks (man wearing tie groping forward, hands towards beholder) Vol. 71, no. 44, p. 1728 30/10/1975 1/3 page line & tone, signed
Blind?? by Julie Summons (allegory of injured blind patient with arms in plaster) Vol. 71, no. 44, p. 1730 30/10/1975 1/3 page line against black ground with signature reversed out
Portrait of a recluse by John G. Hinton (Mrs Dee by bath) Vol. 71, no. 44, p. 1753 30/10/1975 1/9 page almost scraperboard style, signed
Relative helpers in the ward by Ellen Cockburn (woman walking with sheets) Vol. 71, no. 46, p. 1833 13/11/1975 1/3 page line, stencil brush?, signed
Paraphema article by John Spanton (45-year-old BR worker, Stephen , suffering from delusions, shown on platform) Vol. 71, no. 52, p. 2054 25/12/1975 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Over to you by Joyce Watson (figure with bottle of spilt pills instead of head) Vol. 72, no. 1, p. 36 1 & 8/01/1976 1/6 page line and black areas, signed
Nursing care study: manic depressive psychosis by Monica Frost (1. Mrs A scantily dressed and heavily made up; 2. Mrs A depressed, and eyes brimming with tears) Vol. 72, no. 2, pp. 60 & 61 15/01/1976 1/3? page line and black, both signed, second ‘a’ only
Nursing case study: Lily---a long stay patient by Pamela Stevens (66 year-old woman, 1. with teapot; 2. seated outdoors, much improved) Vol. 72, no. 7, pp. 255 & 256 19/02/1976 1/4 page each line and black areas, signed
Poppy: A professional patient by Pamela F. Stevens (Poppy arriving at hospital to be admitted) Vol. 72, no. 9, p. 335 04/03/1976 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Nursing care study: Schizophrenia by Carol Vaughan (surreal depiction of schizophrenia) Vol. 72, no. 10, p. 374 11/03/1976 1/4 page line and black, signed
Schizophrenia: An end to relapses by John Stanford: ‘the change was startling’ (smartly dressed young man, John, standing; reintegrated) Vol. 72, no. 11, p. 418 18/03/1976 1/6 page line and black, signed
Nursing Care Study: Pregnant car-crash victim by Beatrice Lucas (almost abstract drawing depicting the recovery of crash victim and birth on April 23rd) Vol. 72, no. 12, p. 452 25/03/1976 1/3 page line, signed
Boys will be boys by Judd Holme (high dependency mentally subnormal males in almost Bosch-like scene of chaos) Vol. 72, no. 14, p. 550 08/04/1976 2/3 page pen & wash, signed
Nursing cares study: Depression by B. C. Murphy (Miss G., a Persian girl of 29, portrait of head and shoulders) Vol. 72, no. 17, p. 660 29/04/1976 1/5 page brush linework
Nursing care study: Acute psychotic episode in a chronic paranoid personality by D. Devlin (Lucy, aged 58, overdressed and rubicond, with flower) Vol. 72, no. 19, p. 751 13/05/1976 1/6 page line and black, signed
Nursing care study: A child in need by Corinne Richards: 4-year-old girl with peritonitis Vol. 72, no. 20, p. 782 20/05/1976 1/2 page pen & wash, signed
Case study: Puerperal psychosisWoman drawn white line on black with baby in christening robe as though in her head Vol. 72, no. 20, p. 774/5 20/05/1976 1/4 page line and areas of black, signed
The old lady of Euston by Doreen Norton (80-year old leaving luggage truck, policeman in background by pillar. Done for Age Action Year) Vol. 72, no. 23, p. 913 10/06/1976 1/3 page line & tone, signed
Nursing care study: Wayne, a patient with recurrent reactive depression by Kevin Moreton: 1. profile of 30 year-old man in tears; 2. view of the man recovered, standing in smart jacket on steps of hospital Vol. 72, no. 24, pp. 946 & 947 17/06/1976 1/5 and 1/3 page line & signed, line & black
Battered baby by Janette Bysshe (Jane a toddler on all fours) Vol. 72, no. 25, pp. 986 24/06/1976 1/4 page line & tone
The nurse in a ‘special’ clinic by Elizabeth M. Schofield Vol. 72, no. 27, p. 1060 08/07/1976 1/3 page painting in greys on board? signed
Waiting for diagnosis by Margaret Hayes (women waiting to screened for breast cancer; title of article integrated in drawing) Vol. 72, no. 30, p. 1175 29/07/1976 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
Community nursing care study: Father and son by Jane Littlechild (Mr. P, 67, with amputated leg and father, 93, seated at home) Vol. 72, no. 32, p. 1235 12/08/1976 1/3 page line & signed
Community nursing care study: Mrs Jones by Peggy Toll (old couple seen through bay window, dog on Mrs Jones’s bed) Vol. 72, no. 34, p. 1307 26/08/1976 1/4 page line & signed
Behaviour modification programme by Pat Moore: Tom, a mentally retarded 15 1/2 year old in underclothes with foot on chair, dressing Vol. 72, no. 35, p. 1358 02/09/1976 1/3 page line and reversed out line on black, signed
Community nursing care study: A social outcast by Margaret Hartie: Peter holding up his schizophrenic wife Annie Vol. 72, no. 36, p. 1393 09/09/1976 1/5 page line and black, signed
Dementia: a reappraisal of staff attitudes by E. S. Lamont: very old man supported by elderly women with back to viewer Vol. 72, no. 42, p. 1647 21/10/1976 1/3 page line and tone on ? Ingres paper
The nurse’s dilemma by D. Sellman: Mrs A, a 75-year-old psychiatric patient seated Vol. 72, no. 48, p. 1895 02/12/1976 1/3 page line and large areas of black with white lines
Reality therapy by Hector Christie: portrait of Rashin in pinafore dress at Eden ward Vol. 72, no. 48, p. 1898 02/12/1976 1/3 page pen and wash, signed
Clinical parable: the case for Christmas Carol by Ian C. A. Martin:depressed girl seated smiling but not with her eyes Vol. 72, no. 51, p. 2006 23 & 30/12/1976 2/3 page line with much black, signed
Clinical parable: The Intruders by Ian C.A. Martin: rich lady suffering from late paraphrenia (face+ rich ornament behind and atop) Vol. 73, no. 7, p. 244 17/02/1977 1/6 page line & areas of black, signed
Community Nursing Care Study: A patient with carcinomatosis nursed at home by Edna M. McClintock: 1) Mrs X, 51, in bed with family members nearby; 2) Her children walking outside with pram Vol. 73, no. 12, pp. 412 & 414 24/03/1977 both 1/3 page both pen & wash, signed
Clinical parable: A strident silence by Ian C. A. Martin: Mrs Cringer using doctor as silent sounding board---therapeutic silence (portrait of lady as incomplete jigsaw puzzle) Vol. 73, no. 20, p. 755 19/05/1977 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
Clinical parable: Lessons from Lilliput by Ian C. A. Martin: Miss Maggie’s personal planetarium, including a ‘host of high wire flyers’ and a clown; epiphenomena of loneliness Vol. 73, no. 24, p. 920 16/06/1977 1/4 page line & areas of black, signed
A tale of two cultures by Rosemary Long: 70 year old Arab woman from the desert with counterpane over her head Vol. 73, no. 31, p. 1215 04/08/1977 1/2 page line & brush, signed
Community Nursing Care: Life in a Community that Cares by Jennifer M. Gordon; Rose, 64, at her wedding; husband in double-breasted jacket Vol. 73, no. 33, p. 1273 18/08/1977 2/3 page line & areas of black, signed
Clinical Parable: Are we treating the right person by Ian C. A. Martin: Mr G, a manic depressive with wife holding up image of his face; a case of folie à deux Vol. 73, no. 34, p. 1332 25/08/1977 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Thoughts on bereavement by D. M. Thompson: stylized figure in coffin outline Vol. 73, no. 34, p. 1335 25/08/1977 1/3 page line and scraperboad style, signed
Nursing Care Study: Paranoid Depression by Neadley (fat Laurie, 62, lying in bed with apparition of his mother) Vol. 73, no. 41, p. 1591 13/10/1977 1/2 page pen and wash, signed
Rolls Royce syndrome by Ian C. A. Martin; businessman on landing, wife bringing the specialist. Man is in state of complete physical and mental exhaustion Vol. 73, no. 43, p. 1689 27/10/1977 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
The one who got away by Martin Hewitt: (head of disturbed man, stylized with bottle for nose and mouth) Vol. 73, no. 47, p. 1839 24/11/1977 1/6 page line and scraperboad style, signed
Long-term relationships: The work of the community staff nurse by Aileen Pendle: nurse seated with 11-year-old Sue with pudding-basin haircut to her side Vol. 73, no. 50, p. 1972 15/12/1977 1/6 page line and black areas, signed
The magic moments by Ian C. A. Martin: Orlando O’Brien, vagabond, seeing admissions doctor at hospital on Christmas Eve Vol. 73, no. 51, p. 2006 22 & 29/12/1977 1/3 page line & tone, signed
Synapse: The crooked chimney by John Mcleod (old couple, perhaps Scottish, by kitchen range as smoke belches forth almost engulfing the psychiatric nurse) Vol. 74, no. 4, p. 167 26/01/1978 1/2 page line and black areas, signed
Care for a stranger by Susan Simmons: Jihad, a student of journalism from Nigeria suffering from psychogenic psychosis (portrait of head) Vol. 74, no. 7, p. 270 16/02/1978 1/3 page line and area of black, signed
Synapse: One bad turn by Psyche: woman patient in head scarf, with no fixed abode at police station reception desk Vol. 74, no. 9, p. 379 02/03/1978 1/2 page pen & wash, signed
Nursing Study: Jack Gale?by Alan Bull: full facial view of Jack's head with pint mug next to him Vol. 74, no. 17, p. 443 16/03/1978 1/2 page line and black areas, unsigned
A cry for help by Julia G. Coxon: woman mistakenly believing she was pregnant at time of menopause (woman with hair in bun, staring at herself in a mirror and seeing in the reflection that she is pregnant) Vol. 74, no. 12, p. 490 23/03/1978 1/5 page line & tone, signed
Synapse: Three miles to go by Joanna Rees: 1) man in a hurry (stylized profile of man running; 2) man collapsed in street with passers by attending Vol. 74, no. 12, pp. 514 & 515 23/03/1978 first 1/4 page, other 1/2 page line and black areas, both signed first with an a only
Clinical parable: The gates of the day by Ian C. A. Martin: Yeats quotation for article on loneliness (hands enclosing a youth whose finger is pointing to a circle Vol. 74, no. 13, p. 554 30/03/1978 1/3 page line and areas of black, signed
The Breakthrough by John McLeod: an awkward patient reformed, standing in dressing gown behind table where two nurses are seated Vol. 74, no. 15, p. 645 13/04/1978 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
The eye by Olive Ayres: old lady with false eye and nurse with a broad grin Vol. 74, no. 17, p. 727 27/04/1978 1/6 page line and black areas, signed
Biter Bit by Monica Frost: two sisters one on either side of grandfather clock Vol. 74, no. 17, p. 729 27/04/1978 1/12 page line and black areas, signed a
Clinical parable: The English malady by Ian A. Martin: woman at health centre notice board showing which consultants and surgeons are in. Vol. 74, no. 20, p. 844 18/05/1978 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
Mystical seven by Ann McDonald: 1) Romany Kate with her babe-in-arms by horse-drawn gypsy caravan; 2) Kate’s baby’s sign of Cancer, the Crab in art of numerology (stylized crab holding sign of the zodiac in its claws) Vol. 74, no. 24, pp. 1020 & 1021 15/06/1978 1/3 & 1/8 page line and black areas, signed
Clinical parable: Admission impossible by Ian A. Martin: 1) Ma Harris in silhouette; 2) Ma Harris in glasses, looking serene and happy Vol. 74, no. 26, p. 1084 29/06/1978 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
Grease on my apron by Clare Marc Wallace: visit to an occupational health nurse of Dr MacTavish, a Stan Laurel type character, with his bowler and bloodpressure gauge. Vol. 74, no. 29, p. 1223 20/07/1978 1/6 page pen & wash, signed
Clinical parable: Mirthless merry-go-round by Ian C. A. Martin: Miss Murden, blonde on a merry-go-round horse, a sufferer of recurrent acute schizophrenic episodes but through treatment recovers. Vol. 74, no. 34, p. 1427 24/08/1978 1/3 page line & tone, signed
Black hat: an ice-breaker, a trusty protector, a cherished friend by Anne Metten: Danish souwester being worn by a lady doctor. Vol. 74, no. 35, p. 1463 31/08/1978 1/6 page line, signed
Indian tea party by Anne Metten: Indian family on verandah. Vol. 74, no. 37, p. 1541 14/09/1978 1/8 page pen & wash, signed
Quiet night by John McLeod: man making ‘a slow cutting gesture with his fingers across his throat’ (portrait of grimacing man and hand.) Vol. 74, no. 38, p. 1576 21/09/1978 1/8 page line and black areas, signed
What the domestic found by John McLeod: Mary, nursing assistant from geriatric ward with offending bucket. Vol. 74, no. 41, p. 1695 12/10/1978 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
Forbidden thoughts by Jean Nelson: Catheter changes for male patients (profile of man’s and woman’s heads with group of hands working in between). Vol. 74, no. 42, p. 1731 19/10/1978 1/8 page line and black areas, signed
Facts and fantasies by Monica Frost: nurse with devil’s tail, stumpy horns and cloven hoofs. Vol. 74, no. 43, p. 1779 26/10/1978 1/8 page line, signed
Yvette by Colin Hall: subnormal, deaf and microcephalic child; 1) head and shoulder portrait in named tee-shirt; 2) Yvette jumping in room (on trampoline, not shown). Vol. 74, no. 44, pp. 1816 & 1817 02/11/1978 1/8 & 1/3 page line and areas of black, both signed, first a only
Job hunting on retirement by M. Morriston-Davies: lady of 60 with winged feet flying after a job. Vol. 74, no. 47, p. 1951 23/11/1978 1/3 page half-tone, signed
This stranger our son by A. Meyer: family at home with TV and dog: father, son and daughter. Vol. 74, no. 48, p. 1976 30/11/1978 1/3 page line, signed
Psychodrama with adolescents by Harvey V. R. Jones: two girls’ heads and three hands in stylized composition. Vol. 74, no. 50, p. 2053 14/12/1978 1/2 page line and black areas, signed
End of the Road by L. Markham: heavily laden man walking down snowy street; old Tom in his bedroom Vol. 74, no. 51, supplement on Synapse, pp. 12 & 13 21 & 28/12/1978 both 1/2 page line and colour, signed
Arabian night by John McLeod: Arab in bed at psychiatric unit for ‘a rest and treatment of mild neurotic symptoms’ being confronted by Bill about to ‘steal’ his bed. Vol. 75, no. 1, p. 42 04/01/1979 1/3 page line, signed
The trouble with nurses by M. Vousden: 1) doctor with glasses off, nurse on stool glimpsed in background; 2) nurse wielding a sword, wearing a shield and helmet. Vol. 75, no. 6, pp. 256 & 257 08/02/1979 both 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
A cilia tale there is yet to tell by Jenny Ashmore, Paul Gardner & Karen Walker: three pairs of legs walking under big dunce’s cap. Vol. 75, no. 13, p. 555 29/03/1979 very small line, signed a
Friends, Romans and countrymen … by Joan Steele: article on deafness; 1) girl trying to hear mutterings of old bald man across a desk; 2) deaf businessman about to walk out in front of a moving bus; 3) little boy in belljar. Vol. 75, no. 16, pp. 682 & 683 19/04/1979 small line, first signed, other signed "a" only
Californian inspiration by Lynn Simonds: Katherine, terminal cancer patient seated by window with view on the Sierra and the Californian sun. Vol. 75, no. 20, p. 844 17/05/1979 1/3 page almost like a photographic negative, signed
Who is visiting for anyway? by Olive M. Ayres: old man visitor tossing his trilby towards patient tucked up in hospital bed Vol. 75, no. 26, p. 1109 28/06/1979 1/4 page line, signed
Nursing Case Study: A patient with acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis and congestive cardiac failure: an 82-year-old bachelor, Mr Cliff Cobbell standing on chequered floor. Vol. 75, no. 28, p. 1177 12/07/1979 1/3 page pen & wash
Synapse: The importance of being Ernest by Monica Frost; a seemingly hypomanic man shown holding fork has advanced syphilitic condition. Vol. 75, no. 31, p. 1329 02/08/1979 1/5 page line and stencil, signed
Something entirely different: patients’ gratefulness is sometimes overwhelming by Anne Metten: woman bringing in a giant plant in ornate pot/urn. Vol. 75, no. 37, p. 1591 13/09/1979 1/9 page line, signed
The one that nearly got away by Martin Vousden: 1) Bevy of nurses striding along; 2) James, a bearded and long-haired patient, running naked through the hospital grounds. Vol. 75, no. 38, pp. 1642 & 1643 20/09/1979 1/8 & 1/9 page line and signed, line and black areas, signed
Schizophrenia or not? by Katrina Delamothe: 1) portrait of Mike, 38, seated with bare torso, pyjama leggings; 2) facial portrait of Mike, with six alien heads emerging from his long hair. Vol. 75, no. 39, pp. 1662 & 1665 27/09/1979 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
An elderly patient with bronchiopneumonia by Jennifer Jarrett: 1) Mrs Thomas, 87, seated, looking frail; 2) Mrs Thomas looking much better walking with a frame. Vol. 75, no. 44, pp. 1885 & 1887 01/11/1979 both 1/2 page pen & wash, signed
Synapse: Cats in the cubicle by Isobel Rush: head and shoulder portrait of Mrs Brown in nightie with imaginary cats all around her head. Vol. 75, no. 44, p. 1907 01/11/1979 1/5 page line and black areas, signed
A personality disorder in an adolescent with cerebral palsy by S. M. Gover: Mary Smith, with long hair, seated, slightly odd look. Vol. 75, no. 49, p. 2112 06/12/1979 1/3 page line and tone on grey ground, signed
Clinical Parable: R. A. W. deal: A diagnostician’s dilemma: man with protruding eyes, walking towards beholder, suffering from presenile cortical atrophy. Vol. 75, no. 49, p. 2131 06/12/1979 1/2 page line and black areas, signed
Clinical Parable: Walking on air by Ian C. A. Martin: girl suffering from phobic anxiety depersonalization syndrome, owl swooping overhead, almost allegorical. Vol. 75, no. 50, p. 2171 13/12/1979 1/2 page line and black areas, signed
William’s first holiday by B. Hindmarsh: 1) Old man trying on hat in shop: 2) On Llandudno Pier. Vol. 75, no. 51, pp. 2194 & 2195 20/27/12/1979 ? page line & signed; pen & wash, signed
The way back to simple pleasures for a withdrawn patient by T. L. Parkinson: Mrs Birch, 74, in dressing gown with nurse. Vol. 75, no. 51, p. 2214 20/27/12/1979 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Your X-ray shows a shadow by Marjorie D. Mason; 1) woman seated with a threatening shadow of tuberculosis across her bosom; 2) Same shadow with patients at sanatorium eating illicitly brought-in food. Vol. 76, no. 2, pp. 86 & 87 10/01/1980 both 1/3 page pen & brush on grey ground with pen border
Community Care: Looking after Mother by John Clifford: 1) manoeuvring Mother, 94 years old, glimpsed over framed photographs, with district nurse and male nurse; 2) Mother seated with a cup of tea and blanket at foot of her bed, chest of drawers on the left. Vol. 76, no. 8, pp. 343 & 344 21/02/1980 both 1/4 page both line and black areas, signed
Happiness is four o'clock by Anne Metten; woman seated with cup of tea, reminiscing and surrounded by greenery. Vol. 76, no. 11, p. 480 13/03/1980 1/2 page line and black areas, signed
The home that went on caring by Brenda D. Austin: ‘Tony responded well to a policy of ‘caring without carrying’ ’ (Tony holding framed photogrpah to lady social worker in hat and coat. Vol. 76, no. 13, p. 547 27/03/1980 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
Who was Jack? by Julia Fabricius; Irish, jobless diabetic with a handsome but faraway look and suitcase. Vol. 76, no. 14, p. 598 03/04/1980 1/2 page line and black areas, signed
Primavera ablutio by Mary Baker: Botticelli-like drawing of Spring with a pot and brush, specialist observers lurking taking notes. Vol. 76, no. 15, p. 663 10/04/1980 1/5 page line & black areas, signed
An accident on the golf course by Robert G. Mitchell; allegorical drawing of golfer driving and ball obliterating much of his head. Vol. 76, no. 25, p. 1089 19/06/1980 1/2 page line and black areas, signed
Illness? The last refuge of despair by Denise Bowden: 73 year-old widow with arthritis and a frame, against background of a big sympathetic ear. Vol. 76, no. 26, pp. 1283 (small) & 1308 24/06/1980 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
Synapse: Complacency! Psychiatric male nurse on house visit sitting too comfortably in an armchair. Vol. 76, no. 36, p. 1589 04/09/1980 1/4 page pen & wash, signed
Rose, the provider by David T. Johnson: Rose in her dressing gown and in sister’s office to account for the apparent overspend on Christmas presents; another patient peers through glass. Vol. 76, no. 51, pp. 2232-3 18 & 25/12/1980 doublespread with surrounding text pen & wash, signed
Synapse: Divine Intervention by Ronald Bristen: Mrs Aspinall 86 year old with broken arm: all ward agog hearing how she reset her arm using two big bibles. Vol. 77, no. 5, p. 210 29/01/1981 1/2 page pen & wash, signed
Aftercare in mourning by Joan Bracey: on the death of a child (hands holding a child's head in allegorical scene). Vol. 77, no. 7, p. 282 12/02/1981 1/3 pag line and black areas, signed
That was her life by Paul Stevens; old Welsh lady (90), frontal view of face with laden mantelshelf behind her. Vol. 77, no. 14, p. 589, repeted very small on pp. 590 & 591 02/04/1981 1/3 page line, signed
A little advice to amateur nurses by ‘The New Doctor’, a reprint of article published in Girls Own Annual, June 3rd, 1899 (old lady in the sick room with nurse in attendance; depiction of a late Victorian period piece). Vol. 77, no. 23, p. 967 (small) & 1007 04/06/1981 1/4 page line and black areas, signed
Migraine by ??; woman’s head with eyes shut. Vol. 77, no. 28, supplement p. 9 05/08/1981 2/3 page line and black areas, signed
What every woman should know by Alison J. Grey: article about breast cancer (woman’s face with a stylized crab behind her head). Vol. 77, no. 30, p. 1470 19/08/1981 1/6 page line and black areas, signed
Agitated depression by Linda Wright: funny 80 year-old woman, Mrs Jack, carrying a letter. Vol. 77, no. 38, p. 1020 16/09/1981 2/3 page line and black areas, signed
Did I help her by Wendy Niven: oldish couple, Mrs & Mrs Green, shown holding hands. Vol. 77, no. 43, p. 1836 21/10/1981 2/3 page pen & wash, signed
The good intention by Elizabeth Morris: 80 year-old Ethel, head and shoulders, other small figures hovering over her head. Vol. 77, no. 46, p. 1984 11/11/1981 1/2 page line and areas of black, signed
Treatment of sexual dysfunction by behavioural psychotherapy by S. D. Simpson: couple seen from afar in therapist’s consulting room Vol. 78, no. 2, p. 54 13/01/1982 1/3 page charcoal?, signed
2 Agoraphobia: an illness or a symptom by H. M. Stanworth: 1) Figures in street, woman afraid of crowds, public transport and queues; 2) Stylized profile of woman’s head Vol. 78, no. 10, pp. 399 & 402 and rpt small of first p. 400 10/03/1982 1/2 and 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
There’s many a slip … by Everton Lloyd Godson Gooding: a fall from scaffolding resulted in John's suffering an unstable injury to the cervical spine (decorator falling with splash of paint behind) Vol. 78, no. 12, p. 499 24/03/1982 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Distress in the profoundly handicapped child by D. Jackson (Kate - seven-year-old child with cerebral palsy) Vol. 78, no. 13, p. 349, repeated twice small on p. 550, once in reverse) 31/03/1982 2/3 page charcoal?, signed
Two problems of infirmity by Philippa Hart: 92-year-old Hester walking with zimmer frame Vol. 78, no. 17, p. 712, rpt small p. 715 28/04/1982 2/3 page brush on board? Signed
Impotence by B. Dames & A. V. Holdsworth: bespectacled therapist counselling couple, sah window behind them Vol. 78, no. 18, p. 763 05/05/1982 1/2 page? line & signed
Communicating with families of cancer patients; 2 The nurses by Senga Bond: nurse speaking to family members attentively listening Vol. 78, no. 24, p. 1027 16/06/1982 1/3 page line and areas of black, signed
Living with epilepsy by Margot Lindsay: drawing of head of nurse Vol. 78, no. 26, p. 1115 30/06/1982 1/3 page stencil and black, signed
Reminiscence groups by A. D. Norris & M. T. R. Abu El Eileh: old people. Group therapy in a psychogeriatric ward Vol. 78, no. 32, p. 1368 11/08/1982 1/3 page line and black areas, signed
Glioma by Betty Meeson: woman with malignant brain tumour accompanied by her husband Vol. 78, no. 41, p. 1707 13/10/1982 1/2 page line and Letratone, signed
Reflections by Catherine Bruce: old lady knits dish cloths in dingy kitchen Vol. 78, no. 45, p. 1915 10/11/1982 1/3 page pen & wash, signed
Self-neglect and self-care by ??: old man in armchair. A neglected bachelor Vol. 78, no. 46, cover in brown black and white & rpt small in grey on p. 1932 17/11/1982 cover line and white tone against reddish brown ground
A correct compassion by Caroline Jeffree: nurse tending old spinster with rectal carcinoma in bed Vol. 78, no. 47, p. 1981 24/11/1982 1/2 page charcoal?, signed
Death of a baby by Judith Mott: a neonatal death; small boy walking towards the viewer Vol. 79, no. 2, p. 54 12/01/1983 1/3 page line and black areas with Letratone

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