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 Cartoons by George Adamson published from 1939 to 1988 in Punch
(3 gas mask boxes on hall table)
no. 5137, p. 319
20/09/1939 small line, signed
EVOLUTION (Evolution of gas mask
box to toy horse on wheels)
no. 5149, p. 393
11/10/1939 6 small drawings line, signed
‘Unity of Purpose’
(Shopkeeper outside shop called Angela with hoarding reading ‘Just arrived!!! 3500 waterproof Gas mask carriers’)
no. 5141, p. 441
18/10/1939 small line, signed
BLACKOUT (Young lady putting on her cosmetics and getting ready to go out—into utter darkness) Vol. CXCVII, no. 5142, p. 465 25/10/1939 6 small drawings line, signed
‘Parallel lines never meet in Geometry but they do in Art.’ (Schoolgirl standing at her classroom desk) Vol. CXCVII, no. 5150, p. 655 13/12/1939 small line, signed
‘... and this war will be won on the turnip fields of Little Muggleton.’ (Vicar and gardener in vegetable garden with village church in background) Vol. CXCVIII, no. 5165, p. 357
Walasek, p. 241
27/03/1940 small line, signed
‘Don’t waste paper, Alfred—those will do again.’ (Boy throwing out papers—among them a poster reading ‘Nazi ship scuttled’. Notice on same page about paper shortage affecting availability of Punch) Vol. CXCVIII, no. 5165, p. 357 27/03/1940 small line, signed
‘Man is a rationable animal!’ (bespectacled schoolboy standing by desk) Vol. CXCVIII, no. 5177, p. 656 12/06/1940 small line, signed
‘Turn right at the black paint, straight on at the chiselled stone, and second left at the removed road sign.’ (Behatted, moustachioed gentleman looking bemused, with cyclist pedalling over bridge in background) Vol. CXCIX, no. 5182, p. 82 17/07/1940 small line, signed
‘I hear the Germans are going to try to invade us in flat bottomless boats!’ (Old lady wearing fur-collared coat, seated in ornate armchair and holding cup and saucer) Vol. CXCIX, no. 5197, p. 419 30/10/1940 small line, signed
Speeding van marked GO TO IT, with rear door swung open and open mail bag pouring forth letters in a trail Vol. CC, no. 5219 (Spring Number), p. 301 26/03/1941 small line, signed
‘Fairground tent marked ‘See the Mbngi Cannibals’; notice on door ‘Gone to lunch’ Vol. CCXVII, no. 5673, p. 217 24/08/1949 1/3 page line, signed
‘Pip-pip-pip-pip-pip-pip’ (London street scene with everybody checking their watches against Greenwich time signal) Vol. CCXVII, no. 5675, p. 263 07/09/1949 full page line, signed
‘I think I get more tired waiting!’ (housewife by her washing machine) Vol. CCXVIII, no. 5694, p. 53 11/01/1950 small line and tone, signed
Sculptor using miner’s lamp to see Vol. CCXVIII, no. 5700, p. 207 22/02/1950 full page half tone, signed
Couple on conversation chair, wife watching television, husband sitting other way looking askance Vol. CCXVIII, no. 5714, p. 572 24/05/1950 half page line and wash, signed
Couple, each on modern bent wood seats with middle section stuffed with cushions, husband reading, wife knitting before hearth Vol. CCXIX, no. 5746, p. 637 27/12/1950 small half tone, signed
Man on scooter with child hidden under coat in snow storm, only small boot showing Vol. CCXX, no. 5747, p. 28 03/01/1951 small line, signed
‘... and don‘t forget to boil your drinking water ...’ (Moonbeam I space probe with door open before launching) Vol. CCXXIII, Summer Number, p. 30 ?July 1952 full page half tone, signed
Three Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries box files each with finger hole, mouse peeping out of one of them Vol. CCXXV, no. 5887, p. 148 29/07/1953 small line, signed
Centaur playing polo Vol. CCXXV, no. 5895, p. 383 23/09/1953 half page line, signed
‘Try 54 gauge, 30 denier ...’ (two spiders on cobweb) Vol. CCXXV, no. 5900?, p. 528 28/10/1953 small line, signed
Workman with giant spectacles sign about to put his foot down open manhole cover Vol. CCXXV, no. 5902?, p. 599
Walasek, p. 343
18/11/1953 small line, signed
AA man under car saluting passing motorists Vol. CCXXV, no. 5903?, p. 627 25/11/1953 half page line, signed
Bearded man with razorblade ejector before mirror Vol. CCXXV, no. 5907?, p. 760 23/12/1953 small line, signed
Barrel-organ man with monkey stopping its ears Vol. CCXXV, no. 5908?, p. 780 30/12/1953 small line, signed
Milord rowing to bed Vol. CCXXVI, no. 5916, p. 199 10/02/1954 full page line, tone and signed
Artist painting canvases with rollers Vol. CCXXVI, no. 5920, p. 313 10/03/1954 half page line, signed
JP in bed with toy animals Vol. CCXXVI, no. 5923, p. 414 31/03/1954 1/4 page line and tone, signed
Cyclists etc on milk rest, sitting on churns Vol. CCXXVI, no. 5936, p. 747 23/06/1954 half page pen & wash
Waiter brings tea & shade to couple Vol. CCXXVII, no. 5946, p. 276 01/09/1954 half page line, signed
Cossack and shoeshine Vol. CCXXVII, no. 5947, p. 321 08/09/1954 small line, signed
‘with the opening of the educational year some of us are standing on the threshold of a new era of experiment destined to prepare us for the rigours...’ (Teacher speaking to classroom of boys) Vol. CCXXVII, no. 5949, p. 377 22/09/1954 half page pen & wash, signed
Sculptor waking up child Vol. CCXXVII, no. 5951, p. 431 06/10/1954 full page tone and signed
Moonexplorer ghost with head under arm Vol. CCXXVII, no. 5952, p. 471 13/10/1954 1/3 page line & stippling?, signed
Stately home reception room with chandeliers and giant switch board Vol. CCXXVII, no. 5954, p. 527 27/10/1954 full page line, signed
Clergyman at opticians, reading hymn numbers Vol. CCXXVIII, Almanack for 1955, p. 46 01/11/1954 small line, signed
Ice skater frogman with skates on over web feet Vol. CCXXVIII Almanack for 1955, p. 28 01/11/1954 small line, signed
Trombonist with map Vol. CCXXVIII, no. 5970, p. 199 09/02/1955 small line, signed
Newslady & ‘SPRING CHEERS BRITAIN’ placard Vol. CCXXVIII, no. 5982, p. 556 04/05/1955 small line, signed
Balls in golf bag towed by player Vol. CCXXVIII, Summer Number 25/05/1955 small line, signed
BR platform truck & mechanical caddies Vol. CCXXIX, no. 5994, p. 92 27/07/1955 small pen & wash, signed
Explorers’ paths cross in jungle Vol. CCXXIX, no. 5995, p. 130 03/08/1955 half page pen & wash, signed
Charlady with bucket in bus queue with ladies with bucket-shaped shopping bags Vol. CCXXIX, no. 6003, p. 353 28/09/1955 small line, signed
Butler delivering letter marked ‘contents worth money’ to rich old lady Vol. CCXXIX, no. 6006, p. 466 19/10/1955 2/3 page line, signed
Illusions: profundity, efficiency, aloofness, appreciation, oratory, charm, firmness, helpfulness, nonchalance (9 drawings together) Vol. CCXXIX, no. 6010, pp. 574-5 16/11/1955 ds line, signed
Toy stocking in stocking Vol. CCXXIX, no. 6015, p. 686 14/12/1955 small pen & wash, signed
Frogman and shoeshine Vol. CCXXX nn, p. 700 13/06/1956 small line, signed
Man reading newspaper full of instructions: cut out, read, now turn to page ... Vol. CCXXX nn, p. 770 27/06/1956 small line, signed
Fish-Fisher-Neptune Vol. CCXXXI, no. 6050, p. 179
Walasek, p. 347
15/08/1956 half page pen & wash, signed
City fire brigade, cross country event sliding down pole Vol. CCXXXI, no. 6064, p. 590 14/11/1956 full page line, signed
Augustinians with halo, posing for group photograph Vol. CCXXXII, no. 6084, p. 450 03/04/1957 small/half? tone and unsigned
‘Looking for the main verb, you know’ (Schoolgirls around font) Vol. CCXXXII, no. 6085, p. 469
Walasek, p. 370
10/04/1957 small/half? line and signed
Boxer with L and R marked on his boxing gloves Vol. CCXXXII, no. 6088, p. 554 01/05/1957 small pen & wash and signed
Millais’s Boyhood of Raleigh painting on TV screen at art dealers, drawing crowd Vol. CCXXXII, 6090, p. 811 15/05/1957 full page tone & line, signed
CRITICISM Punch in pram throwing things Vol. CCXXXII, no. 6093, Summer number, p. 720 05/06/1957 small line, signed
Just married (Ruski style) (Uniformed Russian on own in back of car) Vol. CCXXXIII, no. 6102, p. 158 07/08/1957 small line, signed
CRITICISM Toby takes pants while critics are swimming Vol. CCXXXIII, no. 6103, p. 194 14/08/1957 small line, signed
‘Jumble, Fête, Festival, Bazaar. How time flies!’ (Vicar in armchair) Vol. CCXXXIII, no. 6104, p. 208 21/08/1957 small line, signed
CRITICISM Critics in rowing boat, with Punch as heavy lady Vol. CCXXXIII, no. 6104, p. 222 21/08/1957 small line, signed
‘Yes ... and who else?’ (girl on swing reporting on party on other side of garden fence) Vol. CCXXXIII, no. 6107, p. 304. Repeat use in ad. for binding Punch, e.g, 27/8/58, ibc. 11/09/1957 full page line & zipatone, signed
CRITICISM Punch uses reversed binoculars Vol. CCXXXIII, no. 6110, p. 400 02/10/1957 small line, signed
Cleaning of Cathedral Vol. CCXXXIV, Almanack, p. 22 04/11/1957 full page line & tone, signed
Ruski records animals going two by two into sputnik like Noah’s ark Vol. CCXXXIII, no. 6116, p. 544 06/11/1957 half page line and tone, signed
Sputnik drawn in Stars & Stripes Vol. CCXXXIV, no. 6129, p. 197 05/02/1958 small line, signed
Punch as plumber wearing cylinder cover Vol. CCXXXIV, no. 6131, p. 249 19/02/1958 cover 4C, signed
‘In point of fact’ (man keeping score of number of times said on wireless) Vol. CCXXXIV, no. 6132, p. 293 26/02/1958 small line, signed
I’ll take the giant size (Shadow across grocer’s counter) Vol. CCXXXIV, no. 6141, p. 575 30/04/1958 half page line, signed
CRITICISM Punch as sun wilts flowers Vol. CCXXXIV, no. 6147, p. 787 11/06/1958 small line, signed
CRITICISM Punch blows medieval ship Vol. CCXXXV, no. 6155, p. 181 06/08/1958 small line, signed
‘No hurry. They’ve made a mistake in their counting-down.’ Giant telescope with man reading newspaper Vol. CCXXXV, no. 6158, p. 274 27/08/1958 full page line, signed
Hawk on milk van Vol. CCXXXV, no. 6158, p. 291 27/08/1958 small line, signed
CRITICISM The 4 critics are fieldmice, CRITICISM is scythe Vol. CCXXXV, no. 6162, p. 414 24/09/1958 small line, signed
Halloween: Punch as pumpkin Vol. CCXXXV, no. 6167, p. 553 29/10/1958 cover 4C, signed
CRITICISM Punch is jelly fish, critics swimming off Vol. CCXXXV, no. 6172, p. 705 26/11/1958 small line, signed
CRITICISM P in 4-poster with canopy held up by the 4 critics as caryatids Vol. CCXXXV, no. 6176, p. 844 24/12/1958 small line, signed
CRITICISM Toby howling at noisy 4 critics Vol. CCXXXVI, no. 6182, p. 200; repeated Vol. CCXL, no. 6279, p. 150, 18/01/61 04/02/1959 small line, signed
CRITICISM Jodrell types see Punch as planet Vol. CCXXVI, no. 6185, p. 298; repeated, Vol. CCXXXIX, no. 6257, p. 280, 24/8/60; Vol. CCXL, no. 6292, p. 621, 19/04/61 25/02/1959 small line, signed
CRITICISM Wave Punch with critics in crow’s nest Vol. CCXXXVI, no. 6186, p. 329; repeated Vol. CCXL, no. 6282, p. 258 04/03/1959 small line, signed
CRITICISM Punch as nursemaid with hot H20 for baby critics in tub Vol. CCXXXVI, no. 6190, p. 463 & repeated CCXXXIX, no. 6272, p. 788, 30/11/60 01/04/1959 small line, signed
Punch as theatre conductor, Toby howling Vol. CCXXXVI, no. 6197 20/05/1959 cover 4C, signed
Punch in telephone booth with roses Vol. CCXXXVII, no. 6207 16/09/1959 cover 4C, signed
Punch as policeman in cape sheltering dogs from rain Vol. CCXXXVII, no. 6211, p. 289 14/10/1959 cover 4C, signed
Rispies ‘now! in stereo’ Vol. CCXXXVIII, no. 6232, p. 314 02/03/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Punch and clergy with Olympics haloes Vol. CCXXXIX, no. 6257, p. 253 24/08/1960 cover 4C, signed
Labels on luggage; Punch back from his holidays Vol. CCXXXIX, no. 6262, p. 437 28/09/1960 cover 4C, signed
Golf in hail storm Vol. CCXXXIX, no. 6273, p. 797 07/12/1960 cover 4C, signed
OHMS in mail to lighthouse Vol. CCXL, no. 6278, p. 85 11/01/61 cover 4C, signed
Coalman/washing Vol. CCXL, no. 6281, p. 195 01/02/1961 cover 4C, signed
Lady’s legs in park Vol. CCXL, no. 6292, p. 317 12/04/1961 cover 4C, signed
School prize distribution - (contorted arms) Vol. CCXL, no. 6302, p. 990 28/06/1961 small pen & wash, signed
‘How’s the small investor?’ (women talking about child in pram) Vol. CCXL, no. 6304, p. 58 12/07/1961 small pen & wash, signed
Woman with sore feet at flower show, seated on leaf Vol. CCXLI, no. 6314, p. 442 20/09/1961 small pen & wash, signed
‘Don’t ring me, I’ll ring you’; ‘we’d love to, wouldn‘t we, Harvey, but ...’ ; ‘Another time perhaps’; ‘it looks as though Bonzo is developing the sniffles, so I’m afraid---’; ‘You see it rather depends on mother’; ‘Saturday week then---sanity permitting’ Vol. CCXLI, no. 6320, pp. 638-9 01/11/1961 across two pages pen & wash, Ist drawing signed
5 minutes’ difference: In a great picture the artist captures for ever an instant of time. If he had painted it a little earlier or later the picture would be different. G. W. Adamson examines the possibilities. Vol. CCXLII, Almanack for 1962, pp. 12-14 06/11/1961 3 full pages 4C
‘There’s the picture Tompkins: steady, unrewarded service to the community or run-of-the-mill rat-race’ (school master to boy) Vol. CCXLII, no. 6333, p. 163 24/01/1962 small line, signed
Beauty Salon; Punch mends fuse Vol. CCXLII, no. 6336, p. 267 14/02/1962 cover 4C, signed
Senses (9 drawings) Responsibility, Power, Fair Play, Perspective, Grievance, Occasion, Obligation,Theatre, Duty Vol. CCXLII, no. 6337, pp. 316-7 21/2/1962 across two pages pen & wash and line, Responsibility signed and Duty signed a
‘The suggestion, I gather, is that we should advertise in survival shelters’ (clergy meeting) Vol. CCCXLII, no. 6343, p. 537 04/04/1962 1/3 page line, signed
Question of identity (5)‘AS TV actress ... what do you think is best for washing baby’s nappies?’; ‘ And does he always sign his name upside down?’;‘ Do I announce you as father of, husband of, or fiancé of anybody?’; ‘Are we to appear interested in consumer protection?’; ‘Wasn’t her cousin in the CND once removed?’ Vol. CCXLIII, 6364, pp. 310-11 29/08/1962 2 half pages line and tone, unsigned
Cathedral Close 1) ‘Can’t get in---perhaps there’s a service.’ (tourist at cathedral door); 2) Artist dipping brush in animal water trough; 3) In Cathedral, ‘Mind your step’ written over door, and ‘Mind your head’ written on step; 4) ‘Can’t tell you over the phone.’ (cleric in telephone booth); 5) ‘I felt entitled to ask for more on Rogation Days.’ (Car park ticket vendor in Exeter cathedral yard car park) Vol. CCXLIII, no. 6368, p. 463 (wrongly indexed in Punch volume as p. 436) 26/09/1962 full page of 5 drawings line, pen & wash, tone
‘She’s been so busy establishing her own image, he won’t know her’ (schoolgirl comment on young woman waiting) Vol. CCXLII, no. 6374, p. 695 07/11/1962 small line, signed
Punch as Bacchus in tessellated pavement Vol. CCXLIV, no. 6385 25/01/1963 cover 4C
‘Perhaps it is just a case of (formula).’ (Scientific couple) Vol. CCXLIV, no. 6393, p. 423 20/03/1963 small pen & wash, signed
Which? copies under heater leg Vol. CCXLIV, no. 6394, p. 455 27/03/1963 small line, signed
Bowler-hatted Punch in blotting paper jungle Vol. CCXLIV, no. 6395 02/04/1963 cover 4C, blotting paper and overlay
‘Back Bench Brown: I should like to say, I should have liked to have said.’ (4 drawings) Vol. CCXLIV, no. 6399, p. 624 01/05/1963 small line, last signed
Publishers’ Marks -1: Methuen, Collins, Jonathan Cape, Geoffrey Bles Vol. CCXLIV, no. 6407, pp. 938-9 26/06/1963 small line and photo?
Publishers’ Marks -2: Chatto & Windus, G.G. Harrap, André Deutsch Vol. CCXLV, no. 6408, p. 33 03/07/1963 small line and photo?
Publishers’ Marks -3: The Bodley Head, Oxford University Press, Penguin Vol. CCXLV, no. 6409, p. 69 10/07/1963 small line and photo?
‘He always takes his exercise at this time in the morning’ (bird out of cage flying into fan draught) Vol. CCXLV, no. 6431, p. 853 11/12/1963 small line, signed
‘... and cigarettes by Sugar Confections Limited’ (couple reading theatre programme) Vol. CCXLVI, no. 6437, p. 122 22/01/1964 small tone, signed
The Roman Pace: 11 drawings: Fountains spurt; Flats proliferate; Ornament runs riot; Piazzas beckon; Conversation is visible; All roads lead; Steps climb; Romans can Hurry (signed a); Cats; Guides drone; And tourists pay Vol. CCXLVI, no. 6468, pp. 302-4 26/08/1964 3 full pages line and tone, only ‘Tourists pay’ signed
Tokyo Olympics, Japan, with Mr Punch driving through a Hokusai woodcut, marked ‘Adamson after Hokusai, the art-crazy old man’ (in mock Japanese script).

‘Adamson’s ‘The Tokyo Olympics After Hokusai’ has all the delicacy and scenic virtuosity found in a ukiyo-e painting by the Japanese master’, Betje Howell, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, June 15th, 1975

Vol. CCXLVII, no. 6474, p. 515 07/10/1964 cover 4C, ? crayon
‘... and another thing St. Francis’ (moths gathering round glowing halo) Vol. CCXLVII, no. 6476, p. 620 21/10/1964 small tone, signed
‘Not at all . As a matter of fact I prefer plastic fruit’ Vol. CCXLVIII, no. 6493, p. 257 17/02/1965 small line, signed
‘ I prefer it - it’s not as obvious as boxing’ (couple watching wrestling on TV) Vol. CCXLVIII, no. 6494, p. 298 24/02/1965 small line, signed
Back Bench Jones: ‘ Just the wildest of crazy daydreams .... But how do I find out it there ever has been a Lord Jones of Belsize Park ... without raising the slightest suspicion that there is the remotest chance of my ever needing to find out?’ Vol. CCXLVIII, no. 6501, p. 550 14/04/1965 1/3 page line, signed
TV words uttered in shopping centre Vol. CCXLIX, no. 6516 28/07/1965 cover 4C
Ireland invaded by tourism with quotation from Yeats ‘Move gently if move you must in this lonely place’ Vol. CCXLIX, no. 6520 25/08/1965 cover 4C
UN building, New York--Punch waters small Red China flag Vol. CCXLIX, no. 6527 13/10/1965 cover 4C
Not Built in a Day: 4 Rome drawings Vol. 250, no. 6539, pp. 16-17 05/01/1966 d/s line & tone
The masters & abstract painting (‘You no doubt spotted the Mona Lisa in George Adamson’s cover picture this week, and probably several other dismayed visitors to the exhibition of abstract paintings. The full cast is given below. (1) Jane Avril (Toulouse Lautrec). (2) George Adamson (George Adamson [in fact photograph by John Adamson]). (3) A man (Titian). (4) A woman (Rubens). (5) and (6) Two Holbein characters. (7) The Mona Lisa (da Vinci). (8) A man ( Modigliani). (9), (10), (11) and (12) Self-portraits by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Goya and Reynolds. (13) The artist’s wife (Augustus John). (14) A woman (Modigliani). (15) George Moore (Sickert). (16) A man (Van Dyck). (17) Self-portrait (Rembrandt).’) Vol. 250, no. 6546, p. 255 23/02/1966 cover 4C, gouache and collage
‘It was all right I suppose---as colour supplement meals go' (well-to-do couple returning from dinner) Vol. 250, no. 6548, p. 358 09/03/1966 small pen & wash, signed
Computer Fortran punched cards as office blocks Vol. 250, no. 6557, p. 673 11/05/1966 cover 4C, signed
Rose-coloured spectacles Vol. 251, no. 6567 20/07/1966 cover 4C, signed
‘so taking Q as a function of p2 and simplifying, you will see that your speedometer is incorrect.’ Vol. 251, no. 6580, p. 582 19/10/1966 small pen & wash, signed
Wedding/written all over faces Vol. 252, no. 6603 29/03/1967 cover 4C, signed
Aerosol/fountain of spray out of holes in worm-eaten chair Vol. 253, no. 6620, p. 137 26/07/1967 small line, signed
‘Six and nines---by the right---quick march ... MARCH’ (Commissionaire outside cinema to trendy cinemagoers in military style gear) Vol. 253, no. 6625, p. 318 30/08/1967 small line, signed
Love in a mist (love-in-a-mist and lovers by lamp standard on a misty evening) Vol. 253, no. 6626 06/09/1967 cover 4C, signed
‘But darling ‘mild reflation’ is only a phrase unless we decide to buy something’ (Couple in TV shop) Vol. 253, no. 6629, p. 454 27/09/1967 small pen & wash, signed
Forgetmenots and knotted handkerchief valentine Vol. 254, no. 6649 14/02/1968 cover 4C, signed
Mr. P waters tropical plants in hothouse/winter outside Vol. 254, no. 6652 06/03/1968 cover 4C, signed
Punch in kaftan and 2 peacocks on summer evening Vol. 254, no. 6668 26/06/1968 cover 4C, signed
Butterflies: Mr P. with butterfly net asleep Vol. 255, no. 6677 28/08/1968 cover 4C, signed
November 5th night: Mr P’s hat on rocket Vol. 255, no. 6686 30/10/1968 cover 4C, signed
Food & Booze Extra Vol. 293, no. 7644 01/07/1987 cover for supplement 4C, signed
Write Your Own Well-Made Thriller Vol. 292, no. 7660, pp. 60-61 21/10/1987? dps line and half-tone
Oztentation: a celebration of all that is ozzest in the 200-year-old triumph called Australia …(kangaroo with hat with corks, vest and can of Bonzer) Vol. 294, no. 7676, p. 29 19/02/1988 half page 4C, signed
Blow Football Vol. 294, no. ? 07/1988?
Trees in painting [Paint like the masters](pastiche with quotations from Constable, Piper, Gainsborough, Uccello, Van Gogh among others) Commissioned but not published in Punch, but reproduced in catalogue of Punch 150th Anniversary Exhibition 11/10/1991 unused cover design 4C, signed

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