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George Worsley Adamson
Illustrator and Humorist

Widdecombe Fair
The traditional ballad set on Dartmoor in Devon lent itself perfectly to the artist George Adamson’s witty pen. Though not a Devonian, Adamson lived in Devon for many years. Faber & Faber published his book of the ballad in 1966, but sadly it is now out of print. Later, however, he adapted his illustrations to make the poster shown here, copies of which are still available from the  George W. Adamson Archive.

Everything is there: the words, the drawings, the musical score -- indeed Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all!

Poster size:  35.4 × 23.6 in. (90 × 60 cm)

Click on the poster to see close-up details.

Click here  to order the Widdecombe Fair poster (5.99 incl. p+p).

Widdecombe Fair publications by George Adamson
  • Widdecombe Fair a poster of the ballad designed by George Adamson is available at 5.99 including postage and packing.
  • Widdecombe Fair with illustrations by George Adamson, Faber & Faber, London, 1966, ISBN 0571 065597
    ‘ ... there is humour and sly detail to delight an observant child.’ Janet Bruce, The Tablet, 3rd September 1966
    The book is out of print but copies are sometimes available through

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