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 Cartoons by George Adamson published in 1970 in Accent on Good Living
‘How to be sure it’s an old master. George Adamson helps all hopeful searchers of junk shops to recognize those famous artists’ signatures.’ (Pictures attributable to Dürer, Turner, Watteau, Moore) No. 3, pp. 58--9 May 1970 d/s 4C (‘Moore’ signed)
Horses in Art (paddock)  ‘George Adamson imagines the paddock at Goodwood through the eyes of eight famous artists’ (Degas, Gauguin, Munnings, Géricault, Picasso, Stubbs, di Chirico, Braque) No. 4, p. 37 June 1970 full page 4C, unsigned
International disguises for politicians. ‘George Adamson, whose front cover drawing shows some of his favourites in international disguises, believes that most of them could carve careers in other countries. And, believes Adamson, they have the faces to fit in with their new nationalities.’ Diana Hutchinson, Editor. (eg caricature portraits of George Brown as Eskimo, Barbara Castle as Uncle Sam and of Edward Heath) No. 5 July--Aug. 1970 cover 4C, signed

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