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... this distraught girl phoning from an Athens call box
George Worsley Adamson
illustration for the article Reid all about it
British Airports World, April 1983

 Illustrations by George Adamson published in British Airports World
Fears and fantasies of the first time flier by Colin Reid: 1) Turbulence! This is it, the end! (passengers looking bilious); 2) peacefully down to earth (old lady wearing parachute); 3) a change in the engine note (elderly man gripping his seat in terror); 4) security check, official with hand on end of stick for frisking pp. 9, 10, 11 April 1979 1/2 page, 1/4 page, 1/6 page, 1/3 page line & colour, first signed, others signed a
Year of the international child by Colin Reid: 1) baby on cloud; 2) excited 4-year-old; 3) baggage reclaim area with children arriving, Erewhon written on trolley; 4) child prodigy with glasses and a copy of the book Life Below the Tropopause pp. 13, 13, 14-15, 15 Nov 1979 1/6 page, 1/6 page, dps, 1/6 page line & colour, third signed, others signed a
The jet executive by Colin Reid: 1) ... a Niagara of cold water in the back of the neck (businessman in hotel shower with descending arrows); 2) ... the Ideal Flying Businessman ... how would he look? (row of business passengers with paragon seated in middle; 3) ... not only to say hello to their wives but to sing lullabies to their small children (wife and two children framed with hearts); 4) ... further announcements of further delays (‘Flight 273. Will passengers kindly wait until 10.30 hours tomorrow. In the meantime here is a lullaby’ (tired man wrapped up well and waiting wretchedly) pp. 12, 13, 14, 14 April 1980 1/3 page, 1/2 page, 1/6 page, 1/6 page line & colour, second signed, others signed a
A great psychological punch by Colin Reid: 1) Air stewardesses floating by; 2) The smiling, solicitous attention of those lovely girls (pin-striped man being served drink by glamorous stewardess; 3) Romeos some of them will try anything (businessman with dazzling lady's jewellery in his lap); 4) If the girls get overweight, they are ordered to diet (stewardess dining with man, latter tucking in, she hardly eating at all) pp. 18-19, 20, 20, 21 Nov 1980 dps, 1/3 page, 1/3 page, 1/2 page line & colour, first signed, others signed a
Stop the plane -- I want to get off by Colin Reid: 1) ‘... in some emergencies, trained air crewmen have actually been sick’ (bilious-faced official running from plane); 2) scene in cockpit simulator with trainee pilot making a bad landing; 3) ‘ a piece of microchip wizardry’ (captain as wizard waving wand) pp. 16, 17, 18 May 1981 1/4 page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page line & colour, second signed, others signed a
How to be unmemorable by Katherine Whitehorn: cows, fish and day beds: Katherine Whitehorn draws on her experience as a seasoned traveller -- and a former BAA board member -- to prescribe the Ideal Airport. But would anybody remember perfection? 1) ‘Two Indians and a canoe to get there’: passenger in canoe with two Indians reaching a very remote-looking Mirabel airport, Montreal; 2) ‘Now lie in your Day bed-Buggy. It will signal you 15 minutes before proceeding to your flight bay (two children in bed-buggy. Officials at booking desk are various animals); 3) ‘Slumped against the check-in desks wanting to be swept up by the cleaners’ (cleaner lifting legs of sleeping passenger to sweep under seat); 4) ‘Feeling like Marco Polo, not just like someone who’d been suckered’ (Marco Polo in his pointed hat with duty-free goods, tossing a Rubik cube) pp. 8, 9-10, 10, 10 Nov 1981 1/6 page, dps, 1/3 page. 1/6 page line & colour, second signed, others unsigned
Top of the stops by Dominic Leahy: 1) ‘... 40 metres of counter but only one check-in clerk’ (man checking in art exotic hotel desk); 2) ‘... a crocodile enjoying a warm morning swim’ (man coming out of hotel pool in Ethiopia unaware of crocodile surfacing in pool just behind him; 3) ‘... elderly Chinese waiters brought cold beers on wobbly trays’ (two waiters and ceiling fan at hotel in Malaysia) pp. 15, 16, 17 May 1982 1/6 page, 1/2 page, 1/6 page line & colour, first two signed, third unsigned
Making a meal of it by Colin Reid: 1) ‘... with the co-pilot serving coffee and sandwiches on early passenger flights.’ (pilot in flying gear and goggles pours coffee for a pretty young woman); 2) Chefs floating round airborne airliner bringing food, drink and other supplies; 3) ‘... and where there is no menu choice, they must supply a different meal for the captain.’ (German waitress in traditional costume serving platter piled high with food to eager captain wearing napkin as a bib, captain served differently to avoid risk of all the crew going down with food poisoning) pp. 8, 9, 10 Nov 1982 1/4 page, 1/2 page, 1/3 page line & colour, second signed, others signed a
Reid all about it! Dog shows, surveillance equipment, travel features and celebrities ... the in-flight magazine has to cater for everyone. Colin Reid takes a slice of printer’s pie in the sky: 1) ‘... only wish to use it as a fan ...’ (smart lady passenger cooling herself with in-flight magazine); 2) ‘So what are all these jetting executives reading when their heads are not in their bomb-sniffing briefcases?’ (row of passengers reading the magazine with what they are reading about shown in 3D before them); 3) ‘The jetting executive is wooed everywhere’ (man on cloud reading Leading Edge; 4) ‘... this distraught girl phoning from an Athens call box.’ (girl in small glass fluted classical column as telephone booth) pp. 16, 17, 18, 18 April 1983 1/6 page, 1/2 page, 1/4 page, 1/6 page line & colour, second signed, others signed a
Cows don’t fly Colin Reid looks into HeavyLift, Britain’s leading specialist in outsize and unusual cargo. It is, he says, ‘a shrimp’s eye view into the belly of a whale.’: 1) Jonah being ejected by whale; 2) ‘... will give a clearance no less than one millimetre’ (man at computer terminal staring at screen); 3) HeavyLift airliner to the rescue with spares and rescue teams, cowboy and cow about to baord plane and to the left a fantastical ship with captain at the bows with intercom pp. 11, 12, 12-13 Dec 1983 1/2 page, 1/4 page, dps line & colour, third signed, others signed a

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