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Unpublished Fine and Humorous Art by George Adamson (not complete, also excludes Etchings and War Artist work)
Violin 1931 quarter imperial pencil, signed
Self-Portrait 1934 small pen & wash, signed
Birthday card for Peg’s nineteenth birthday. 1936 small pen, signed George
The Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, under Construction
(exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1940, no. 1212)
1939 medium pen and wash, signed
Feeling the Pinch (a scene at a prosperous printer’s) c. 1940 medium pen and wash, signed
Peter at Four Months (a portrait of the artist’s elder son) 1947 medium chalk on paper, signed
Sketch book containing many reference drawings and family portraits 1947-53 various ink
Steam Train (a birthday card for John) 1952 small ink on paper
The Lime Kiln at Lower Weir 1953 medium chalk on paper, signed
The Birthday Cake Peg in kitchen with birthday cake for John’s fourth? birthday 1953 large gouache on board, signed
Peter and John (a portrait of the artist’s two sons) 16-20th August, 1954 large gouache on paper, signed
The Steam Roller (a birthday card for John when he was six) 1955 small gouache on board
Mr Coles’ Hen Run, Mill Lane, Countess Weir 1956-7/extended 1979 medium gouache on paper, signed
Figure of seven with bees (a birthday card for John) 1956 small Indian ink and gouache on paper
A Good Dragon Eating His Soup
(a birthday card for John)
1957 small pen & wash on Bristol board
Piazza San Bernardo, Rome 1963 medium pen & wash, signed
John on Orkney archaeological dig with puffin post (a birthday card for John) 1970 small pen & wash on Bristol board
Le Logis, La Boissière du Doré
[La Boissiere du Dore]
1971 small gouache on paper, signed
Hélène Saint-Maur (head and shoulder portrait) [Helene Saint-Maur] 1971 small gouache on coloured paper
Peter (a portrait of the artist’s elder son at 27) 1974 medium oil on hardboard
Peggy (portrait of the artist’s wife seated, holding the New Yorker and with crossword puzzle beside her) 1984 small oil on board, signed
Frogs in Central Park 1985 small gouache and collage, signed and dedicated to Massimo
Private Eye 25th Anniversary Birthday Cake 1986 large gouache on paper, signed and dedicated to the staff at Private Eye
Ennui, pastiche after Walter Richard Sickert’s painting (The Three Dealers project) 1986? small gouache on paper
Cafe con leche caliente, pastiche after Goya’s etchings (The Three Dealers project) 1986? small gouache on paper

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