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 Cartoons by George Adamson published from 1941 to 1994 in miscellaneous periodicals
Long week-end: Cartoons by George Adamson: ‘--care to look through the colour magazines?’ (lady of the house in panelled, curtained room with mullioned window); ‘Look round for the bailer’ (in dinghy on lake in grounds of stately home, boat filling with water, house in background among trees); ‘We’ll have earned our game’ (wife mowing overgrown tennis court, husband with scythe, cat in long grass); ‘Pull up the ironing board or have a wheat germ candy?’ (couple on boards relaxing with weight watchers chart on kitchen cupboard, guest coming into room) Countryman
Vol. 79, pp. 124-125
Spring 1974 double page spread pen & washed, first signed a, second unsigned, last two signed
Caution Left-Hand Drive Measham Magazine
Vol. 10, no. 9, p. 19
September 1955 1/2 page line, signed
Shoes for men, driver tries at controls Measham Magazine
Vol. 10, no. 10, p. 10
October 1955 1/2 page line, signed
‘Get it out of your head, Robinson, that Hitler’s tanks are made out of cardboard’ New Scientist
Vol. /, no. /???
21-28/12/1978 small line and half-tone, signed
‘I’m going to be a Moon module commander’ (child talking to Father Christmas) New Scientist
Vol. /, no. /???
21-28/12/1978 small line and half-tone, signed
‘What do you mean you can see printed circuits, body scanners, video tapes, black holes and oil from the North Sea?’ New Scientist
Vol. /, no. ???
12/1978 small line and half-tone, signed
Troy horse in horse-box traffic Oldie
no. 46, p. 42
12/11/1993 small line, signed
Punch à la plage: Quatre dessinateurs de Punch nous montrent comment ils voient les plages de la Manche, de l’Océan et de la Méditerranée. Ils se présentent également comme ils se voient eux-mêmes.
Deauville: Adamson nous écrit qu’il est blond, mince; il a quarante deux ans, est dessinateur et illustrateur. Né à New York par un jour d’hiver il aime la neige. Mais il aime aussi rencontrer des gens qui éveillent en lui des idées, il est heureux dans de grands espaces, il ne déteste pas voyager et s’amuser. George W. Adamson qui fut engagé dans la R.A.F. en 1940, a néanmoins trouvé le temps pendant ses heures de repos de continuer à dessiner. Il est souvent distrait comme le montre son portrait ...
Crowd at Deauville: paddling, waiter, couple sipping champagne, old lady with binoculars, golfer, man with baguette, airplane, jockey riding, casino building and roulette wheel. The other artists commissioned were Ionicus (La Baule), Sheila Dunn (Biarritz) and Anton (Cannes).
La Revue des voyages
no. 21, p. 24
Summer 1956 2/3 page line, signed
Punch à la plage: Self-portrait of the artist, bespectacled, dipping pen in his tea La Revue des voyages
no. 21, p. 24
Summer 1956 small line, signed
‘... How great was my fortune that this day I should find in the wreck a typewriter, a short-wave transmitting set and an up-to-date list of literary agents in London ...’ (Robinson Crusoe with typewriter, transmitter, two cats, parrot) The Sketch
Vol. CCXXII, no. 2888, Summer Number, p. 570
15/06/1955 small pen & wash, signed
Square mousehole and mouse The Spectator
Vol. 272, no. 8638, p. 37
05/02/1994 small line, signed
Renegade rat not following Pied Piper of Hamelin The Spectator
Vol. 273, no. 8670, p. 33
10/09/1994 small pen & wash, signed
Butler holding football for young boy (‘Please indicate a Little Fauntleroy-type lad standing with his uniformed governess at the other end of the room. Show the boy preparing to run toward the football while his governess looks on sympathetically.’) Sports Illustrated
Car occupants looking at monument with the description: ‘Reading Time 2 1/2 mins’ Sports Illustrated
An R.A.F. Artist Looks at the U.S. (an impression of life in the USA drawn by GWA as pilot trainee after stay at Lovefield, Dallas, Texas) The Star Weekly, Toronto
p. 8
15/11/1941 small line, signed
Doggies being walked on leads coming out of the window of sedan chair Tatler and Bystander
Vol. CCX, no. 2732a, Christmas number, p. 44
19/11/1953 half page line, signed

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