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 Cartoons by George Adamson published in Motoring
Fashion-conscious girl tries on motorcycle helmets in shop Vol. 32, no. 6, p. 49 Aug. 1955 1/4 page line, signed
Running in please pass: kangaroo followed by landrover Vol. 32, no. 7, p. 23 Sept 1955 1/4 page pen & wash against
yellowy pink wash ground
Grease to help in parking car in small space Vol. 32, no. 7, p. 41 Sept. 1955 1/4 page line, signed
Man working windscreen wiper on glazed front door to check on caller Vol. 32, no. 8, p. 53 Oct. 1955 1/4 page line, signed
The 1956 Gormwilsey with boot boot at motor show Vol. 32, no. 9, p. 67 Nov. 1955 1/4 page line, signed
RUNNIN GIN: estate wagon with notice on rear Vol. 33, no. 6, p. 55 Aug. 1956 1/4 page line, signed

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