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At the time that Adamson was putting his drawings on the London train for publication in the newspaper’s Peterborough  column, Frederick J. Salfeld (1906?-?) was editor of the column and Miss Paperita editorial assistant.

 Cartoons by George Adamson published from 1959 to 1972 in the Daily Telegraph
(railway worker grilling sausages on footplate at time of strike)
No. 32513, p. 10 28/10/1959 small pen & wash, signed
Protected version of Rodin’s ‘Kiss’; in space suit No. 32515, p. 12 30/10/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘Have we got anything? It’s the man from Sothebys’ (woman by ornately framed picture) No. 32519, p. 10 04/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘Well if you knows of a better ’ole go to it’
(two pigeons on roof in Trafalgar Square on Guy Fawkes night)
No. 32520, p. 12 05/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘Or supposing we cut down on the crockets?’ (man by impression of a Gothic Westminster bridge) No. 32521, p. 12 06/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
For Lane collection DUBLIN book here (picture frame as ticket booth hatch) No. 32527, p. 12 13/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘Of course it’s not C.B., just Restrictions of Privilege’ (soldier confined to barracks) No. 32528, p. 6 14/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘Ban long distance walking’
(ticket collector with protest placard)
No. 32536, p. 12 24/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘It’s the solution for the rush hour or it’s publicity for that film’ (Ben Hur chariot in traffic jam) No. 32539, p. 12 27/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
Winston Churchill’s Birthday: WSC under sunshade No. 32541, p. 10 30/11/1959 small pen & wash, signed
The new Algeria: ‘Cartes Postales’ with views of oil wells No. 32550, p. 10 10/12/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘So I said: ‘Just because you’re a 4 1/2 litre drophead coupé with overdrive’ (man overhears at drive-in post office) No. 32551, p. 12 11/12/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘Ahoy! ... the Prince!’ Hovercraft: ‘Prince Philip visits the Sanders-Roe factory at Cowes today’ No. 32557, p. 10 18/12/1959 small pen & wash, signed
Exit sign replaced by Way Out No. 32570, p. 10 05/01/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Go without Piccard? That’s the depths of ‘togetherness’ ’ (man in armchair) No. 32580, p. 8 16/01/1960 small pen & wash, signed
On target (TV fishing on board boat) No. 32582, p. 10 19/01/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Instruments, mouse, monkey, man ...’ (girl bouncing ball, missile launching pad in background No. 32592, p. 6 30/01/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Remember way back. Those snaps of Junior?’ Big Ben tower leans: newspaper notice No. 32596, p. 10 04/02/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Ford £25m., Standard £7m. plant---Fred, we’re moving to Merseyside!’ (car dealer) No. 32603, p. 12 12/02/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Sahara & bomb/oasis mirage (first French nuclear test) No. 32605, p. 15 15/02/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘One isn’t always glad to see the 8.15’ (two businessmen at time of NUR strike threats) No. 32606, p. 10 16/02/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘---And say ...’ (little old lady talking to policeman at gates of Buckingham Palace) No. 32608, p. 12 18/02/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Fylingdales Arms, h&c, TV, 4 min. warning ...’ (Man and woman in car) No. 32610, p. 8 20/02/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Willow Pattern 1960 with nuclear explosion No. 32627, p. 12 11/03/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Can I have something for my pig Daddy?’ (little girl to farmer father) No. 32628, p. 8 12/03/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘It says ‘The air is very bracing here---Malenkov’ ’ (two men in Kremlin) No. 32632, p. 12 17/03/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Cast off tug!’ (Eagle Airways with anchor) No. 32637, p. 12 23/03/1960 small pen & wash, signed
RA selection committee No. 32638, p. 12 24/03/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Mon Dieu, they haven’t covered it.’ (by gargoyle on roof of Notre Dame, Paris) No. 32639, p. 12 25/03/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Cox thinks of megaphone as dunce’s cap No. 32646, p. 8 02/04/1960 small pen & wash, signed
’Do we need a Commissions for Grievances ...?’ (man at Speaker’s Corner) No. 32655, p. 12 13/04/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Soon perhaps the Tunnel will cut the time from London to Paris’ (kepi’d policeman/couple in open top car) No. 32662, p. 12 22/04/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘I like the look of Sir Winston’s High Hat’ (Couple with binoculars on roof of car) No. 32666, p. 12 27/04/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Well your father says they know how to put on a good dinner’ (ladies outside Royal Academy summer exhibition) No. 32667, p. 12 28/04/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Rutland fights to keep local government local (Gravestonelike sign, gentleman has just left flowers) No. 32669, p. 8 30/04/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Sort of celebration for the wedding. And bring your wife as she drives ...’ (man on phone at time of Princess Margaret’s wedding) No. 32674, p. 12 06/05/1960 small line, signed
’Peace! The charm’s wound up’ ---‘Macbeth’, 1,3 (Witches at cauldron) No. 32678, p. 12 11/05/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Tell me more about Euratom & the Iron and Steel community’ (small boy to businessman father) No. 32694, p. 12 30/05/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Caricature of Eisenhower jogging with radio golfclub No. 32695, p. 12 31/05/1960 small line, signed
‘And after Whitsun there’s to be another experiment for those who never drive at Whitsun’ No. 32699, p. 6 04/06/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Mummy---John keeps saying ‘Picasso’ & making awful faces’ (small girl in doorway) No. 32725, p. 12 05/07/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘not the Green but the conveyor Belt’ (two observers in tower amid wide arteries of heavy traffic) No. 32726, p. 12 06/07/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Clergyman standing on a copy of Crockford’s ’59-60 and looking in mirror No. 32729, p. 6 09/07/1960 small line, signed
‘... and Harry Truman has promised not to be godfather.’ (man at US bar) No. 32732, p. 12 13/07/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Mine’s viewing the Republican Convention’ (girl on phone with husband in background) No. 32744, p. 10 27/07/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Edinburgh Festival?’ (man with double bass hitching lift) No. 32751, p. 10 04/08/1960 small pen & wash, signed
With apologies to Picasso (Tshombe placard held high by man on globe) No. 32753, p. 6 06/08/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Eisenhower as Bubbles for Echo I No. 32760, p. 8 15/08/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Damned rings everywhere’ (Laocoön with Olympic rings) No. 32762, p. 8 17/08/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Sports pages on sleeping man in deckchair No. 32763, p. 10 18/08/1960 small line, signed
Space dogs latest (news bulletin notice with dog beside with newspaper in mouth) No. 32766, p. 8 22/08/1960 small line, signed
‘Quick take it somebody!’ (athlete with Olympic torch about to go out) No. 32768, p. 10 24/08/1960 small line, signed
‘At least we passed with honours in upholstery’ (man and woman by notice about the 10+ car tests) No. 32774, p. 10 31/08/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Ruski dance of Congolese (black man doing Cossack dance) No. 32777, p. 6 03/09/1960 small pen & wash, signed
The Russian oilman cometh (bandito sitting on bag of Cuban sugar) No. 32783, p. 8 12/09/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Peanut then?’ (British explorer to abominable snowman) No. 32784, p. 10 13/09/1960 small line & tone, signed
‘Voyons!’ (caricature of de Gaulle with binoculars) No. 32791, p. 12 20/09/1960 small pen & wash
‘Boy, are we united!’ (heads of NYPD) No. 32793, p. 14 22/09/1960 small pen & wash, signed
As seen on TV (over NIXON poster) No. 32799, p. 12 29/09/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Scarborough rock? ’umbugs?’ (sweetseller at time of Labour Party conference) No. 32800, p. 14 30/09/1960 small line & tone, signed
‘The ice was all around
It cracked and growled and
roared and howled’---Coleridge, ‘The Ancient Mariner’ (Gaitskell at helm)
No. 32805, p. 14 06/10/1960 small line, signed
‘Done! And never got it so good’ (charwoman at Scarborough) No. 32808, p. 12 10/10/1960 small pen & wash, signed
Traffic warden, policeman and AA man all taking notes of driver No. 32812, p. 14 14/10/1960 small line, signed
Caricature of a bereted de Gaulle with atom bomb baguettes & Algerian in background No. 32822, p. 12 26/10/1960 small pen & wash, signed
New design for Labour’s front bench (alternating seats facing the other way) No. 32883, p. 14 27/10/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘In my country we have a proverb …’ Khruschev and Chinese leader? No. 32829, p. 12 03/11/1960 small line, signed
‘Let’s wait for remainders’ (couple at penguin area in zoo; re Lady Chatterley’s Lover) No. 32837, p. 8 12/11/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Say ‘Algérie’’ (caricature of de Gaulle as doctor with stethoscope) No. 32839, p. 12 15/11/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Quite so my boy, but what are your credit rating prospects?’ (aristocratic father standing at fireplace) No. 32853, p. 12 01/12/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘What a Wind!’ (caricature of de Gaulle on camel) No. 32861, p. 6 10/12/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Take-over? Aren’t I included in the goodwill?’ (Father Christmas) No. 32864, p. 10 14/12/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘I thought it was topical’ (man in football kit at fancy dress party) No. 32873, p. 6 24/12/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Done your dusting?’ (TV and car salesman talking to each other) No. 32886, p. 12 11/01/1961 small line & tone, signed
‘Ban the horizontal advertisements (demonstrator wielding landscape placard) No. 32893, p. 12 19/01/1961 small pen & wash, signed
‘And how’s the wife reacting to the strain of the new H.P. terms?’ (two men at business gathering) No. 328936, p. 12 23/01/1961 small pen & wash, signed
‘So it isn’t a question of 11d becoming £0.04583 recurring.’ (two business men in train) No. 32932, p. 12 06/03/1961 small line, signed
‘No---he’s gone into orbit.’ (commentator on jockey flying through air on falling at fence) No. 32949, p. 8 25/03/1961 small line, signed
Caricature of Kennedy visiting de Gaulle sitting in rocking chair No. 32961, p. 12 10/04/1961 small line, signed
‘I recall the popular buzz when Blériot did something of the sort’ (Elderly man reading newspaper) No. 32965, p. 14 14/04/1961 small pen & wash, signed
‘Fidel, how much longer do I stick to this mercenaries of Yankee imperialism story?’ (Castro on phone) No. 32969, p. 14 19/04/1961 small pen & wash, signed
‘But ‘triangles on the same base & between the same parallels.’ ’ (two giraffes) No. 32972, p. 8 22/04/1961 small pen & wash, signed
K's weigh one another (for Vienna) ( double portrait of Khruschev and Kennedy) No. 32996, p. 8 20/05/1961 small line, signed
Trafalgar Square lion roars at CND logo on placard No. 33099, p. 12 18/09/1961 small pen & wash, signed
Closed today during altercations (notice outside school) No. 33102, p. 14 21/09/1961 small pen & wash, signed
Lollipop seller with board saying: Sugar 80%, Colour 19%, Flavour 1 % (at Labour Party Conference, Blackpool) No. 33112, p. 12 03/10/1961 small pen & wash, signed
Conservative party conference: notice for delegates and one for demonstrators in opposite direction (Brighton) No. 33120, p. 14 12/10/1961 small pen & wash, signed
‘In Uncle Joe’s day, great things were always five years hence.’ (Newstand marked Pravda) No. 33127, p. 14 20/10/1961 small pen & wash, signed
World with atomic cloud over it and fallout No. 33131, p. 12 25/10/1961 small pen & wash, unsigned
‘And where will I find the other 4249 parking meters?’ (woman driver to policeman) No. 33154, p. 12 21/11/1961 small line, signed
‘Before you do anything count up to 100.’ (two policemen in a cordon, at time of Committee of 100 anti-nuclear campaign) No. 33170, p. 8 09/12/1961 small pen & wash, signed
Prince of Wales emblem on anvil No. 33208, p. 12 25/01/1962 small pen & wash
‘I said, ‘To see his airs, you’d think he’d been reared on Sutherland tapestry.’ ’ (one moth to another) No. 33240, p. 8 03/03/1962 small line, signed
‘At a guess I should say, if the sleepy sectors of British industry face up to the emotional self-interest and extremism on the sidelines, an as-you-were Budget.’ (businessman being interviewed by broadcaster/journalist) No. 33265, p. 12 02/04/1961 small line, signed
‘You will go for a short voyage preceded by eight other young men---or possibly more.’ No. 33270, p. 8 07/04/1962 small pen & wash, signed
‘It’s a funny day to give up smoking.’ (two schoolgirls) No. 33273, p. 14 11/04/1962 small pen & wash, signed
Couple with pram with CND wheels No. 33282, p. 6 23/04/1962 small pen & wash, signed
‘Heads, stop work to support the nurses.Tails, earn a bit for the Leonardo fund.’ (man in apron) No. 33293, p. 8 05/05/1962 small pen & wash, signed
Profitability (boy writing in dirt on side of railway locomotive) No. 33339, p. 12 28/06/1962 small pen & wash, signed
‘When did your father last see it?’ (royal boy with crown in thought bubble) No. 33377, p. 6 11/08/1962 small pen & wash, signed
‘Let me see: ’Those born under Polaris …’ ’ (Cherub for 1963 reading what future holds for 1963) No. 33496, p. 8 31/12/1962 small pen & wash, signed
Football with snow, hat for alms and thank you notice No. 33507, p. 8 12/01/1963 small pen & wash, signed
‘Tell all my friends I’m a-coming too
Walk in Jerusalem just like Jack …’ (black boy singing by Stars and Stripes)
No. 33541, p. 8 02/03/1963 small line, signed
‘I’ll forgive him anything tomorrow if he keeps his promise not to wave that Budget box at the photographers.’ (Maudling’s budget) No. 33575, p. 12 02/04/1963 small line, signed
Winston Spencer Churchill’s US citizenship: American eagle holding cigar and hat in its talons No. 33580, p. 14 08/04/1963 small line, signed
‘I said she must look a lovely bride.’ (ladies with very big hats in church for Princess Alexandra’s wedding) No. 33593, p. 14 24/04/1963 small line, signed
‘I’ve something like this in mind for a visit to Washington.’ (Castro) No. 33598, p. 14 30/04/1963 small pen & wash, signed
‘Let’s have a drink, I see we’re near Hastings.’ (new road signs) No. 33655, p. 16 05/07/1963 small line & tone, signed
Burham Report (pigeons on roof of walkway over road) No. 33781, p. 6 29/11/1963 small line & tone, signed
Budget placards … Pre-election Budget, Election budget, Budget No. 33895, p. 16 14/04/1964 small line, signed
‘Now I suppose there is no need to worry about higher pay for M.P.s.’ (Man and woman by newspaper placard saying ‘Wilson’s full team’) No. 34060, p. 14 23/10/1964 small line, signed
‘Can you prove this gold was a gift?’ (Customs man at time of Tokyo Olympics) No. 34062, p. 16 26/10/1964 small line & tone, signed
Shadow of Wilson on 1965 No. 34118, p. 10 01/01/1965 small pen & wash, signed
‘If I’d had a code I might have bought Titus myself.’ (Rich lady in fur stole at time of Christie’s sale of Rembrandt portrait to USA, secret signal given by buyer missed and bidding had to be resumed) No. 34185, p. 8 20/03/1965 small pen & wash, signed
‘How lucky the farmers didn’t know before they voted that letters of protest are going to cost 4d.’ No. 34190, p. 16 26/03/1965 small line, signed
Horse in stable watches jockey cough. No. 34191, p. 8 27/03/1965 small line, signed
‘We fed in the vigour of Heath, the appeal of Maudling and the sagacity of Powell.’ (computer technician in laboratory) No. 34293, p. 12 26/07/1965 small pen & wash, signed
‘Are you saying only dynamic Britain can absorb the steep rise in the cost of living because the Government’s economic policy makes it possible to adjust our consumption pattern and also aid exports?’ No. 34296, p. 14 29/07/1965 small pen & wash, signed
‘Fall in output no I would rather say we now have a position where longer holidays / shorter hours have helped climb back to lower peaks of the index of industrial production.’ (businessman in bowler being interviewed) No. 34316, p. 6 21/08/1965 small pen & wash, signed
‘Are you spellbound by the warnings, dreams and love-hate cries of wait-and-see Liberals?’ (newsagent at time of Scarborough assembly) No. 34346, p. 8 25/09/1965 small line, signed
‘Hasn’t it changed a bit since last year?’ (Blackpool tower with an hourglass inside it) No. 34348, p. 16 28/09/1965 small line, signed
Marlene-BOAC; caricature of Marlene Dietrich with her legs stretched out under airline seat, passenger in front with feet up No. 34352, p. 10 02/10/1965 double column pen & wash, signed
UNO [sic] et orbi (caricature portrait of Pope Paul using UN building in New York as lectern) No. 34354, p. 16 05/10/1965 small line & stencil brush, signed a
‘They’ve usually thrown some out by now.’ (two birds at time of bakers’ strike) No. 34394, p. 8 20/11/1965 small pen & wash, signed a
‘Of course you know, officer, that in this particular light some yellows are quite green.’ (man at wheel at time drink/drive testing was first planned in the UK) No. 34422, p. 8 23/12/1965 small pen & wash, signed a
‘Every time we go over the joints I can hear 3 ½ per cent…. 3 ½ per cent.’ (railwayworker by locomotive) No. 34444, p. 16 20/01/1966 small pen & wash, signed
‘I’ve had virus B ... I’ve had virus B ... I’ve had …’ (schoolchildren to lollipop lady) No. 34453, p. 12 31/01/1966 double column line, signed
‘That’s right, exports, innovation, productivity.’ (Panda Chi-chi from Regent’s Park Zoo at time of its meeting with An-an at Moscow Zoo) No. 34461, p. 16 09/02/1966 small pen & wash, signed a
‘Dear Member, Without hope of compensation or redress and confident that the Health Service, the police, public corporations and local government are not involved, I write to ask you to bring to the Ombudsman's attention ...’ (man at typewriter) No. 34467, p. 16 16/02/1966 small pen & wash, signed
‘Wait gentlemen. I can see a bomber with numbering on it and a Defence White Paper with rather blurred …’ (Gypsy with crystal ball) No. 34469, p. 16 18/02/1966 small pen & wash, signed
And then? (Newpaper vendor by placards marked ‘White Paper on …’) No. 34477, p. 14 28/02/1966 double column line & tone (? charcoal), signed
‘I don’t understand this protest. Local authorities can do what they please so long as they go comprehensive.’ (bespectacled man at Ministry of Education) No. 34492, p. 16 17/03/1966 small pen & wash, signed
‘Psst - van Eyck?’ (man in sheepskin coat at time of Sotheby’s auction of van Eyck’s tiny painting of St George and the Dragon No. 34493, p. 16 18/03/1966 small line, signed
‘It’s defected Ivan. It’s playing ‘God Save the Czar’.’(young Russian couple listening to the radio by moonlight) No. 34508, p. 16 05/04/1966 small line & stencil brush?, signed
Hoverferry tickets (man at counter with his ticket hovering to him) No. 34524, p. 16 25/04/1966 small pen & wash, signed
‘But wasn’t it an incentive to you that you’ve been singled out for a special blow?’ (two men by newpaper hoarding reading ‘Dynamic Restruct…’) No. 34531, p. 18 03/05/1966 small line & tone, signed
‘You’re wanted.’ (two police chiefs to each other) No. 34546, p. 18 20/05/1966 small line, signed
Jockey reads plan of Derby Track No. 34550, p. 16 25/05/1966 small line, signed
All at sea? Anchor at door of Court of Inquiry at time of shipping dispute No. 34557, p. 18 02/06/1966 small pen & wash, signed a
£ symbol with sailor hanging from tip and weighing it down No. 34565, p. 10 11/06/1966 small line, signed
‘It revolts me but I do it.’ --Pooh-Bah in ‘The Mikado’ (auctioneer selling Sullivan scores) No. 34566, p. 12 13/06/1966 1 1/2 column pen & wash, signed
‘and will you also, the matrimonial home being bought in your husband’s name, seek immediately to register equity in that house?’ (priest to bride at wedding) No. 34570, p. 16 17/06/1966 small line, signed
‘… and how many extra civil servants do you think were appointed while you were under ground?’ (man just emerged from prolonged stay in cave) No. 34611, p. 14 04/08/1966 small pen & wash, signed
‘O.K. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Brown’s coming through loud though not terribly clear.’ (cameraman) No. 34618, p. 12 12/08/1966 small pen & wash
‘Of course we Young Liberals wouldn’t have done so well if the country hadn’t been in such a mess.’ No. 34655, p. 8 24/09/1966 small line & tone, signed
‘Nor are we just good friends’ (Panda being interviewed on day Chi-Chi came back from Moscow after fruitless trip) No. 34672, p. 16 14/10/1966 small pen & wash, signed
‘or perhaps you’d prefer a tour of former Greek trouble-spots---Marathon, Salamis, Thermopylae and what not?’ (travel agent to well-todo couple) No. 34739, p. 12 03/01/1967 small pen & wash, signed
The latest thinking of Chairman Mao (Red Chinese dragon attacking itself) No. 34747, p. 16 12/01/1967 small pen & wash, signed
‘Come and hear how necessary Britain is to Europe.’ (woman watching pie-smoking Wilson on television) No. 34757, p. 14 24/01/1967 small pen & wash, signed
Monopolies Commission victim (business begging with his brief case) No. 34764, p. 14 01/02/1967 small pen & wash, signed
‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in ourselves but …’ (pump attendant to motorist) No. 34803, p. 10 18/03/1967 small pen & wash, signed
‘11 million and one 11 million and two.’ (AA man in rain) No. 34810, p. 12 28/03/1967 small pen & wash, signed
‘ ‘Warnings, controls, penalties, White Papers ---It’s a proper rake’s progress’ (workman to foreman) No. 34816, p. 14 04/04/1967 small pen & wash, signed
Let’s go with OUT Labour (billboard man just adjusted poster) No. 34828, p. 16 18/04/1967 small pen & wash, unsigned
‘Ladies and gentlemen, please---I say PLEASE pray silence for the President of the the Royal Academy.’ (great hilarity among guests at a banquet) No. 34835, p. 16 26/04/1967 small pen & wash
‘Well done, Sir namesake’ ( caricature double portrait showing the statue of Sir Francis Drake stooping to congratulate Sir Francis Chichester on sailing round the world in Gipsy Moth IV) No. 34862, p. 8 27/04/1967 small pen & wash, signed
See the Pakistanis 6d (notice at beach with seagull) No. 34938, p. 16 24/08/1967 small pen & wash
All the Brighton novelties! Electrified birds! Tumble-over Socialists! Knock Wilson down and see him bob up again!" (street vendor at time of party conference) No. 34949, p. 14 06/09/1967 small pen & wash, signed
1968 blindfolded and with axe No. 35046, p. 8 30/12/1967 small pen & wash, signed
‘Think of them as giving a half hour’s extra anxious thought to the rephasing of Britain’ No. 35053, p. 10 08/01/1968 small pen & wash, signed
Black bus conductor to Asians about to board a bus: ‘British Society can absorb three more.’ No. 35096, p. 14 27/12/1968 small pen & wash, signed
‘What can you expect Aly? I hear they’re a nation of shopkeepers.’ Two turbanned gentlemen leaving airport No. 35098, p. 16 29/02/1968 small pen & wash, signed
‘Oh not another 5 days? I thought the Budget was tomorrow’ (lady laden with bundles of shopping) No. 35110, p. 16 14/03/1968 small pen & wash, signed
‘Two fives and two point fives, please’ (family on bus) No. 35143, p. 16 23/04/1968 small line and tone, signed
‘Tell me, sir, are you an angry pilot, an enraged student, a rebel MP or simply a disillusioned voter?’ (Policeman taking notes) No. 35169, p. 18 23/05/1968 small pen & wash, signed
‘I keep thinking about that round table’ (two soldiers in jungle with capsule link in night sky; time of Russian link-up tests) No. 35373, p. 10 18/01/1969 small pen & wash, signed
‘Now the 4d post is restored we shall have to close down in order to open our mail’ No. 35386, p. 14 03/02/1969 small pen & wash, signed
‘O.K. Buzz, blow that flag out when I say ‘camera’ ’ No. 35525, p. 16 16/07/1969 small line, signed
‘Frankly now, do you find the moon samples disappointing? (rat speaking) No. 35584, p. 18 23/09/1969 small pen & wash, signed
‘I’d certainly give my views on hanging if it could dispose of the General Election earlier.’ No. 35651, p. 14 10/12/1969 small pen & wash, signed
‘Take me to Harrods’ (Wife with revolver to husband in car) No. 35656, p. 14 16/12/1969 small pen & wash, signed
‘Twice your troubles with half your money would make you wish you were celibate’ No. 35698, p. 18 05/02/1970 small pen & wash, signed
‘Wife & kids and faith in equities to support’ Placard held by bowler-hatted man No. 35798, p. 14 03/06/1970 small pen & wash, signed
‘This stone marks the furthest point reached by untreated sewage, conservation year MCMLXX No. 35902, p. 14 07/10/1970 small pen & wash, unsigned
‘This metrication -- how will it affect the Twelve Apostles?’ (two priests) No. 35920, p. 14 28/10/1970 small pen & wash, signed
In electricity strike, man holds candle to dark bulb in which he sees the hammer and sickle No. 35957, p. 16 11/12/1970 small pen & wash, signed
‘Ahoy Morning Cloud, the best of European luck …’ (man with loudhailer) No. 36133, p. 10 10/07/1971 small pen & wash, signed
‘Sixth floor, madam? Twenty to one against …’ (liftboy) No. 36313, p. 16 12/02/1972 small line, signed
Black fist extinguishing Olympic torch flame No. 36475, p. 14 24/08/1972 small pen & wash, signed

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