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George Adamson’s cartoons usually appeared on the Diary page of Time and Tide.

 Cartoons by George Adamson published from 1955 to 1960 in Time and Tide
Penguins---one penguin in lounge suit Vol. 36, no. 43, p. 1361 22/10/1955 small line, signed
Traveller abroad, converting Celsius into Fahrenheit at showers Vol. 37, no. 1, p. 9 07/01/1956 small line, signed
Sedan chair Boat Race practice Vol. 37, no. 12, p. 321 24/03/1956 small line, signed
‘Of course, I can’t even ... ... boil water ... draw a straight line ... grow a good dandelion’ (mayor’s speech) Vol. 37, no. 25, p. 737 23/06/1956 small line, signed
The Mathematics of Chance (man in collapsed hammock with book on tummy) Vol. 37, no. 32, p. 951 11/08/1956 small line, signed
Scots. Bagpipes/sock-knitting Vol. 37, no. 33, p. 977 18/08/1956 small line, signed
Musician dictating to typist Vol. 37, no. 39, p. 1145 29/09/1956 small line, signed
Reader in library poring over Roget’s Thesaurus supplement Vol. 37, no. 43, p. 1289 27/10/1956 small line, signed
Guy Fawkes in space helmet Vol. 37, no. 44, p. 1321 03/11/1956 small line, signed
A Speaker’s Dread Moments Vol. 37, no. 47, p. 1415 24/11/1956 small line, 3rd signed
Aids to Thought: the Pen, Rest, Cigarette, Travel, Movement, Water Vol. 38, no. 2, p. 33 12/01/1957 small line, signed
Fireman waters creeper with hydrant hose Vol. 38, no. 8, p. 209 23/02/1957 small line, signed
Ship of desert (captain and sailor on camel, sailor reading the stars) Vol. 38, no. 13, p. 377 30/03/1957 small pen & wash, signed
‘It’s his son, isn’t it, doing interior decorating?’ (highly decorated military man) Vol. 38, no. 15, p. 441 13/04/1957 small line, signed
‘Have you got the Revised Version?’ (vicar buying timetable at bus station booth) Vol. 38, no. 16, p. 473 20/04/1957 small line, signed
‘and I name this ship Icebreaker III’ (lady using hot water bottle to launch ship) Vol. 38, no. 19, p. 577 11/05/1957 small line, signed
The Teaching Staff 1957--8: an informal study (masters posing casually at a table) Vol. 38, no. 21, p. 641 25/05/1957 small line, signed
‘Jellyfish.’ Boys at beach with jelly mould for a bucket Vol. 38, no. 29, p. 897 20/07/1957 small line, signed
‘old pomp, new circumstances’ (howdah on elephant & on forklift truck) Vol. 38, no. 30, p. 929 27/07/1957 small line, signed
Man on stack of deckchairs gets tickets Vol. 38, no. 41, p. 1249 12/10/1957 small line, signed
‘For the Yanks are com-ing. The Yanks are com-ing---’ (Three bears dancing in sputnik) Vol. 38, no. 45, p. 1389 09/11/1957 small line, signed
Boar’s head being carried Vol. 38, no. 49, p. 1517 07/12/1957 small line, signed
Shunting engines crackerpulling Vol. 38, no. 49, p. 1531 07/12/1957 small tone, signed
Delivery boy sharpens skates with steel Vol. 38, no. 50, p. 1585 14/12/1957 small line, signed
‘Worst Christmas traffic ever’ (penguin comments on expeditionary vehicles) Vol. 38, no. 51, p. 1617 21/12/1957 small line, signed
‘Waits & a waitress as you might say Sir’ (butler at window on seeing carol singers outside) Vol. 38, no. 52, p. 1641 28/12/1957 small line, signed
Your supper is in the mission (note on cannibal’s cauldron) Vol. 39, no. 2, p. 33 11/01/1958 small line, signed
Ici on parle français. Rispies (woman eating her breakfast cereal) Vol. 39, no. 5, p. 121 01/02/1958 small line, signed
‘Ike-Ike ... Ike-Ike ... Ike-Ike ...’ (US satellite signals picked up in Russian observatory) Vol. 39, no. 6, p.153 08/02/1958 small line, signed
Coxswain drinks from conical flask (shape of megaphone) Vol. 39, no. 14, p. 421 05/04/1958 small line, signed
‘Aw--!’ (Schoolgirls in coach party in New Forest on seeing pony) Vol. 39, no. 20, p. 605 17/05/1958 small line, signed
O.K. for take-off -mallards Vol. 39, no. 44, p. 1309 01/11/1958 small line, signed
‘There’s a lovely moon let’s hit it’ (man at space laboratory) Vol. 39, no. 46, p. 1365 15/11/1958 small line, signed
‘several children ...’ (snowballed knights approaching castle) Vol. 39, no. 49, p. 1449 06/12/1958 small tone, signed
Xmas and Xmas bills hanging up together Vol. 39, no. 49, p. 1470 06/12/1958 1/6 page line, signed
‘Sorry, no Easter cards yet’ (at kiosk) Vol. 39, no. 50, p. 1517 13/12/1958 small line, signed
Santa with restive reindeer downstairs Vol. 39, no. 51, p. 1545 20/12/1958 small tone, signed
It’s his own fault, he’s been at that pudding solidly all morning’ (bird crashlanding after eating Christmas scraps) Vol. 39, no. 52, p. 1569 27/12/1958 small line, signed
Newspaperman writes ‘more snow’ Vol. 40, no. 3, p. 71 17/01/1959 small line & tone, signed
Castaway knight on raft with chain mail shirt for flag Vol. 40, no. 11, p. 295 14/03/1959 small line & tone, signed
‘You are ten stone eleven. After Easter you will return to eleven ten’ (speaking weighing and fortune machine) Vol. 40, no. 13, p. 357 28/03/1959 small line, signed
Covent Garden, tradesman with load on his head yet still raising cap to pretty lady Vol. 40, no. 16, p. 441 18/04/1959 small line, signed
‘Have you tried a ‘Picture of the Year’ ’ (lady to vase-painting artist) Vol. 40, no. 18, p. 495 02/05/1959 small line, signed
Scientist at Space Research Dept. sees satellites after bump at Space Research Dept. Vol. 40, no. 23, 643 06/06/1959 small line, signed
Two nuns passing (halos, one of which is a spiral) Vol. 40, no. 25, p. 699 20/06/1959 small line, signed
Four priests in car smiling at road narrows sign Vol. 40, no. 32, p. 841 08/08/1959 small line, signed
Sistine Chapel: priest walking in with lilo Vol. 40, no. 34, p. 889 22/08/1959 small line, signed
Moon with black eye and plaster Vol. 40, no. 39, p. 1031 26/09/1959 small line and zipatone, signed
For sale as new one battle two tourneys. Label by suit of armour Vol. 40, no. 44, p. 1179 31/10/1959 small line, signed
‘To brother Cedric from the community. A Merry Christmas.’ (monk getting a halo) Vol. 40, no. 49, p. 1321 05/12/1959 small pen & wash, signed
‘New roads and long distance marching ... am I tired?’ (recumbent Roman soldier with apple core) Vol. 40, no. 51, p. 1399: repeat use in the book Rome Done Lightly, p. 3 19/12/1960 small line, signed
Noise Abatement Society door with Knock notice outside Vol. 41, no. 16, p. 427 16/04/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘We’ll wait and see if it’s Ramon Navarro.’ (Couple on seeing Roman chariot in car park) Vol. 41, no. 2, p. 27 09/01/1960 small line, signed
Black oculist (animals on eye-test chart) Vol. 41, no. 3, p. 47 16/01/1960 small pen & wash, signed
‘Gruelling 400 metres this morning.’ (man at Trevi at time of Rome Olympics) Vol. 41, no. 35, p. 997 27/08/1960 small line, signed

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