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 Cartoons by George Adamson published from 1973 to 1985 in Private Eye
Do not overtake unless you can see 3 miles ahead (very long lorry) no. 303, p. 19 17/07/1973 small line, signed
Motorcyclist with periscope to see over handlebars no. 305, p. 9 24/08/1973 small line, signed
Man walks into post watching ambulance and is taken to hospital by that ambulance no. 310, p. 18 02/11/1973 1/3 page line, signed
‘School of Harold Lloyd?’ (pair of hands and spectacles on windowsill of window in gallery) no. 312, p. 13 30/11/1973 half page line, signed
man gets oil down his jacket front from geni holding barrel no. 317, p. 20 08/02/1974 small line, signed
Owing to difficulties of inflation, negotiation, pressurisation, noncommunication, pollution, depopulation, computerisation, and metrication, things will not be quite as usual. (man looking at big notice) no. 319, p. 9 08/03/1974 1/3 page line, signed
It’s a book he wrote -- he’s in and out l;ike clockwork since Lending Rights! (staff in library commenting on bespectacled man leaving with book in hand) no. 338, p. ?? 29/11/1974 small page line, signed
I may be a doctor - but I like to think of myself as a dustman, a teacher, an electrician, a plumber, an engine tuner, even an assembly worker, when it comes to claims for pay no. 342, p. 14 24/01/1975 half page 8 line drawings, first signed
Library books as pediment to columns at library entrance no. 347, p. ? 11/04/1975 small line, signed
Pakistani in long lorry load of cabbages no. 348, p. 3 18/04/1975 small line, signed
I want a Junior Doctor Strike kit (small freckled boy peeping over shop counter) no. 363, p. 3 14/11/1975 v. small line, signed
Snowballers behind Private Eye header no. 365, front cover 12/12/1975 small line, signed
Puss in Boots on stage wearing ‘brick wall’ platform boots no. 366, p. 8 26/12/1975 small line, signed
Euroviathan, Eurohire, Eurogipsy no. 381, p. 13 23/07/1976 small line, signed
Quarantine 3 doleful dogs + happy HMV dog no. 383, p. 4 20/08/1976 small line, signed
Beware of the increased dog (notice on gate being read by postman) no. 398, p. 7 18/03/1977 small line, signed
‘Don’t come for tea. Come just after’ (two ladies) no. 400, p. 5 05/04/1977 small line, signed ‘a’
‘This excellence is disappointing Smithers. You are quite capable of something worse’ no. 414, p. 5 28/10/1977 small line, signed
Follow that bus (Mystery Tour bus full of uniformed policemen, other coach marked SWP and ‘Down with F’) no. 415, p. 13 11/11/1977 1/3 page line, signed
Bargain basement 2nd floor no. 427, p. 14 28/04/1978 small line, signed
‘Here’s the place. Empty the ashtrays’ no. 428, p. 6 12/05/1978 small line, signed
‘Beach overcrowded again’ (two seagulls on beach of gulls) no. 436, p. 5 11/09/1978 small line, signed
STRIKE/Actionman (game in toyshop window) no. 441, p. 4 10/11/1978 small line, signed
Euronother (man taking EEC standard insults off shelf) no. 444, p. 5 22/12/1978 small line, signed
‘But all our punk records are scratched’ (saleswoman to customer) no. 448, p. 6 16/02/1979 small line, signed
Bee picketing a drone no. 454, p. 6 11/05/1979 small line, signed
Turbanned levitator keeping off grass no. 465, p. 12 12/10/1979 small line, signed
‘... him and his ‘democratically elected’ ...’ (two hens about cock) no. 467, p. 7 09/11/1979 small line, signed
Lineman + Busby no. 467, p. 8; repeat use in Courier 11/79 09/11/1979 small line, signed
‘Right lads -- remove those secondary pickets’ (Pickets and snowmen) no. 471, p. 5 04/01/1980 small line, signed
Ship’s bottle washed up on castaway’s island no. 480, p. 10 09/05/1980 small line, signed
Port bottle with government health warning: In vino veritas. no. 4? p. ? ?/06/1980 ? page line, signed
Man on steps of library sees column bases as books no. 488, p. 17 29/08/1980 third page line, signed
‘How are we going faster than sound when I can still hear the engines?’ (man in airline seat) no. 617, p. xx 9/08/1985 small line, signed

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